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14th November 2018

2017 Directors Report

Who We Are

BAM is the leading authority on the academic field of management in the UK, supporting and representing the community of scholars and engaging with international peers.

Benefits for Members

Join BAM today and become part of our friendly and supportive community of management scholars. By joining you can expect opportunities and information on the following areas to support your continuing professional development:

  • Getting published
  • Getting funding
  • Developing your research and teaching skills
  • Taking the next step in your career
  • Growing your network and finding inspiration
  • Getting involved and improving your visibility
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Key Areas of Activity


Annual conference

The flagship annual BAM Conference attracts over 800 delegates from around 50 countries.



BAM publishes two leading high ranking international journals, BJM (Impact Factor: 2.044) and IJMR (Impact Factor: 3.333).


Special Interest Groups

BAM has 21 Special Interest Groups (SIGS), running around 30 events annually.


Management, Knowledge and Education (MKE)

BAM supports high quality learning, teaching and management education through schemes such as the MKE Small Grants, the Learning, Teaching & Management Education Awards and through running dedicated capacity building events.


Capacity Building

BAM runs annual capacity building events covering early, mid and advanced career stages.


Supporting Research

BAM is dedicated to supporting members' research through our Small Grant Scheme, the International Research Collaboration Scheme and through liaising with funding bodies.


Recognising and Communicating Excellence

BAM recognises excellence in the community through:

  • Nominating candidates for high profile external positions and awards
  • Awarding BAM Fellowships
  • Presenting a number of Awards at the annual BAM Conference
  • Announcing achievements in the BAM newsletter

Engaging with stakeholders

BAM engages with Stakeholders within and beyond the UK, responding to public consultations regarding Government Policy, Research Council Funding and more.

Our Mission

  • Provide a welcoming, supportive pluralistic community of scholarship in the full field of management.
  • Support and recognise rigorous, high quality research, scholarship, learning and societal engagement
  • Foster learning, development and enhanced capacity in the community
  • Support members in developing their scholarly activities at all stages of careers.
  • Facilitate supportive networks within the community including conference tracks, informal networks and Special Interest Groups
  • Provide a platform for debate and dialogue between scholars and other interested parties
  • Promote the scholarly voice in policy and practice in order to influence national and local policy, educational provision, and the design and delivery of curricula
  • On the basis of high quality scholarship to engage with funders of research and other actors in the management field
  • Work with international peers to learn from, and influence, management scholarship around the world
  • Publish and disseminate high quality scholarship through journals, conferences and other events
  • Provide for the showcasing of management scholarship

Our Values

We aim to be inclusive, recognise and respect the diversity in our community, and promote high quality in all we do.

Governance Structure

The Council, which is comprised of approximately 30 people elected for a minimum of 3 years by the general membership, represents the interests of membership and contributes to the activities of the learned society through working with the vice-chairs.

An Executive Committee, consisting of vice-chairs, chair and president, is elected to develop the strategy, work with Council and incorporate the voice of the membership, oversee the longer term direction of the learned society and ensure an effective implementation of the agreed strategy.

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Useful Links and Documents

We have a collection of useful links and documents for members of the academy which can be found at:

Useful Links and Documents


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