ANZAM/BAM 2019/20 Collaborative Research Award Noticeboard

The below is a noticeboard for management researchers in Australia/New Zealand and the UK to find potential Co-Investigators for the ANZAM/BAM Collaborative Research Award projects (deadline 15th April 2019 17:00 GMT)

If you would like to post a call for potential collaborators, please email the British Academy of Management Grants Administrator, Stuart Hull, at, with a 50-100 word summary of the kind of research that you are planning to do as well as any key themes.  Please also include your name, job title, department and university, and confirm that you are happy for your contact email to be shared or provide a link to your university profile.



‘FOR STUDENTS, BY STUDENTS’ SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT' - Project proposal by Dr. Paul Harrigan, The University of Western Australia,

Underpinned in social media marketing, specifically customer engagement and identity theories, we invite interest in a new project to support the development of marketer and user-generated vibrant, relevant and digitally integrated university learning environments that enhance the student experience. We seek to create “for-students-by-students” social media content that facilitates international student collaboration and addresses diverse needs. We would recruit diverse teams of student partners across each university, who will be supported by researchers and marketers to create social media content, such as videos, webinars, and podcasts, across significant themes, such as, student wellbeing, career development, and inclusivity. Content will feature students, staff, alumni, industry partners and community organisations. Implications for theory and managers will be around how content engages users, and how communities develop and interact.