The British Academy of Management has a number of awards which are presented at the Annual Conference which include the Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award, Companionships, BAM Medals and the Education Practice Award.

Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award:

The Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award is made in memory of Professor Richard Whipp, an outstanding scholar in the field of business and management and former Chair of the British Academy of Management. The purpose of the Award is to acknowledge the course of a career within the management field where the beneficiary will have done one or more of the following: enhanced a field of study, founded or effectively led a major national / international academic initiative or provided unusually effective service to a major professional institution and/or the Academy.

Please find below a list of receipients of the Richard Whipp Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • 2009 - Sir Cary Cooper and Derek Pugh
  • 2010 - Mark Easterby-Smith, Peter Buckley and David Otley
  • 2011 - Andrew Pettigrew
  • 2012 - Robin Wensley
  • 2013 - Karen Legge and Howard Thomas
  • 2014 - Sir George Bain and Richard Thorpe
  • 2015 - John Child and Peter McKiernan
  • 2016 - Mike Reed
  • 2017 - Susan Vinnicombe CBE and Ruth Simpson
  • 2018 - Gary Powell
  • 2019 - Sue Cox OBE and Abby Ghobadian
  • 2020 - Ken Starkey


Companions of BAM (CBAM) include:

  • Leaders in the private, public, and third sector who have had a significant impact on management practices and thinking in their own organizations and/or beyond;
  • Leaders of professional institutions and bodies, trade and business associations, and trades unions who have influenced management thinking and the conduct and activity of management in the UK and beyond;
  • People who have played a significant institutional role in the leadership and development of scholarly associations advancing management knowledge – in related fields, in sibling management academies and equivalent beyond the UK, and within BAM itself;
  • Thought leaders on management outside academia, including journalists, politicians and other public intellectuals.
  • 2017 - Eliat Aram, Chris Daly, Dr Jacky Holloway, Prof Kate Kearins, Howard Kerr, Andy Rubin
  • 2018 - Lord Bichard, Lord Bilimoria, Prof Lee Di Milia, Jonathan Dimbleby, Dr Margaret Linehan, John Manzoni, Vicky Pryce
  • 2019 - Prof Melanie Bryant, Prof Julia Clarke, Dr Felicity Kelliher, Prof Angus Laing, Sir Michael Marmot
  • 2020 - Dr Andrew Hawkins, Dr Melanie Knetsch, Dr Joe MacDonagh, Professor Robert MacIntosh, Professor Sue Rigby



  • BAM Medal for Leadership, Prof Mark N K Saunders
  • BAM Medal for Research, Prof Christine Coupland
  • BAM Medal for Knowledge Development, Prof Paul Hibbert and Dr Leonard Holmes


  • BAM Medal for Research, Prof Katy Mason
  • BAM Medal for Outstanding Leadership, Prof Sir Cary Cooper


  • BAM Medal for Leadership, Dr Adelina Broadbridge
  • BAM Medal for Research, Prof Jean Hartley
  • BAM President's Medal for Management Practice or Policy, Chris Webber


  • BAM Medal for Research, Prof Rick Delbridge
  • BAM Medal for Research, Prof Caroline Gatrell
  • Cooper Medal for Outstanding Leadership, Prof Yehuda Baruch
  • BAM President's Medal for Management Practice, Dr Wilson Wong

Education Practice Award

The Education Practice Awards are designed to recognise individual and/ or team initiatives that enhance management learning and education.

Please find the list of recipients of the Awards below:


  • Experienced Practitioner Award: Dr Ian Stewart, University of Manchester
  • Early Career Practitioner Award: Ms Victoria McCall and Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin, University of Liverpool


  • Experienced Practitioner Award: Prof Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Early Career Practitioner Award: Dr Thomas Elston, University of Oxford


  • Experienced Practitioner Award: Dr Inge Hill, Royal Agricultural University
  • Early Career Practitioner Award: Dr Paul-Joseph Richard, Ulster University