Education Practice Award

Every year we stage a competition to highlight and promote excellent practice in teaching and learning. The Competition has two sections: Experienced Practitioner and Early Career Teaching Practitioner. Applications are judged by a panel of Deans with the winners being formally announced at the annual BAM Conference.

Call for Applications for the 2022 Education Practice Award Competition

The Competition consists of two categories; 1) the main award which attracts applications from more experienced management education practitioners, and 2) the early career teaching practitioner award. 


We welcome accounts of inspiring and impactful management education practice that are informed by reflection on context and theories of learning and pedagogical development. Most importantly, we are keen to support the sharing of that practice amongst the BAM community and create a critical mass of significant and imaginative practice. Given the current situation, there is an opportunity for us to learn from one another’s practice in the design and delivery of modules and courses in virtual environments. We welcome applications based on any initiative that you feel meets the requirements of this award, in particular those that involve the virtual environment due its high relevance at present and in the medium term. We encourage applicants to use the ‘Practical Guidance’ part in ‘Section B: Account of the Initiative’ as a way to share best practices with colleagues.

For further information, please download the application forms. The deadline to submit is 23:59 on Thursday 30 June 2022.

Download the Category 1 Experienced Education Practice Award Form

Download the Category 2 Early Career Education Practice Award Form

Previous Award Winners


  • Experienced Education Practice Award - Nottingham Business School (Dr Muhammad Mazhar, Shaun Gordon, Prof Petra Molthan-Hill, Fiona Winfield)
  • Early Career Education Practice Award - Dr Anna Dubiel, Kings College London


  • Experienced Education Practice Award - Dr Inge Hill, Royal Agricultural University 
  • Early Career Education Practice Award - Dr Paul Joseph-Richard, Ulster University


  • Experienced Education Practice Award -  Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Early Career Education Practice Award -  Dr Thomas Elston, University of Oxford - 'Where the rubber meets the road: Using fly-on-the-wall video documentaries to complement case teaching in the classroom'


  • Experienced Education Practice Award - Dr Ian C. Stewart, University of Manchester 
  • Early Career Education Practice Award - Dr Victoria McCall and Dr Ahmed Al-Abdin, University of Liverpool


  • Experienced Education Practice Award - Professor Rafael Ramirez, University of Oxford


  • Experienced Education Practice Award - Professor Karise Hutchinson, Ulster University