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 Call for Nominations

Call for nominations will be sent out in early January.

About the Fellows College

List of Current BAM Fellows

BAM awards new Fellowships at the annual BAM Conference. Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have made an outstanding Academic contribution to Business and Management scholarship, as well as demonstrating a significant contribution to the community of scholars in the field and within BAM.

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Fellows Nominations

Here you will find all the information you need about the Fellowship nominations process, and the form for submitting a nomination.

Purpose of the College

  • To support the academic development of BAM and its members;
  • Foster and grow the intellectual and social capital among senior members of the community of UK business and management academics and their collaborators;
  • Provide a working platform for senior members of this community to engage in dialogue on major issues of academic significance on the UK and the international stages and to influence their policy outcome.

The Dean's Group

These officers preside over the College's academic, strategic and electoral affairs. The Dean reports on these matters to BAM Council.

  • Professor Howard Thomas  (Singapore Management University) Dean
  • Professor Susan Vinnicombe (Cranfield University), Deputy Dean
  • Professor Fiona Wilson (University of Glasgow), Vice Dean
  • Professor Nic Beech (University of Dundee), BAM President
  • Professor Peter McKiernan, (University of Strathclyde) Past Dean


The College holds an annual luncheon during the annual BAM conference and organises a meeting for Fellows during the winter months, where an influential speaker addresses the gathering.

Other events may be organised on an ad hoc basis.

Fellows Archive

New Fellows' Profiles

At the BAM2019 Conference at Aston University, three new Fellows were announced.

BAM is pleased to announce that Professor Jeremy Clegg, Professor Thomas Durand and Professor Emma Parry have each been awarded Fellowship of the British Academy of Management at the 33rd British Academy of Management Conference at Aston University. 

BAM Fellows Obituary Page

This page is dedicated to the BAM Fellows which have sadly passed away. This page has been set up to remember those who have made a substantial contribution to the management field and to the British Academy of Management.

BAM Fellows Obituary Page