BAM2011 Best Papers

BAM2011 Best Papers

Our congratulations go to the following authors for winning the 2011 Best Full Paper Awards in their tracks. These papers and all other papers accepted for the conference will be available in the conference procedings, which distributed to delegates at the event.

New to this year, five award winning Developmental Papers will be shortlisted after the conference and offered mentoring, with a view to getting published, under the BAM/Emerald Advanced Authorship Scheme. Click here for further details.

Corporate Governance

Developmental Paper Award:

"Individual behaviour in financial markets: a multi-theory approach"

Martin Rahe - EADA Business School
Yeshwant Nama - Aston University


Corporate Social Responsibility

Developmental Paper Award:

"A moral pluralist perspective on corporate social responsibility"

Marian Eabrasu - Champagne School of Management


Cultural & Creative Industries:

Full Paper Award:

"A dialogical exploration of solo improvisation performance"

Nic Beech - University of St Andrews
David Sims - City University
Holly Patrick - University of St Andrews
Gail Greig - University of St Andrews

Developmental Paper Award:

"Researching the character of innovation in cultural and creative industries"

James Roberts - University of Leeds



Full Paper Award:

"The dark side of entrepreneurial personality: Effects of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy on entrepreneurial intention and performance"

Beate Cesinger - University of Hohenheim
Matthias Kramer - Reutlingen University
Dominik Schwarzinger - University of Hohenheim
Petra Gelleri - University of Hohenheim

Developmental Paper Award:

"Charting the impact of the institutional discourse of risk on entrepreneurial activity"

Jeannie Holstein - University of Nottingham


Gender in Management

Full Paper Award:

"Making Sense of Difference: the intersectional identity work of Senior Black and Asian men and women"

Doyin Atewologun - Cranfield University

Developmental Paper Award:

"Drilling through gender stereotypes: improving prospects for female expatriation in oil and gas exploration and production?"

Susan Shortland - London Metropolitan University


Healthcare Organisation Management

Developmental Paper Award:

"The role of first-line managers in secondary healthcare: role analysis, role conflict and network theory"

Carole Doherty - University of Surrey
Mark Gatenby - University of Surrey
Colin Hales - University of Surrey

Human Resource Management

Full Paper Award:

"Strategic selection using person-organisation fit: evidence from stage theatre companies"

Claire Pritchard - Human Resource Consultant
Jason MacVaugh - Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Developmental Paper Award:

"Holding the line? A study of managers' responses to value conflicts"

Sarah Lee - University of Southampton
Malcolm Higgs - University of Southampton
Michelle Luke - University of Southampton



Full Paper Award:

"Becoming With Feeling: the role of emotions in the meaning, construction and enactment of doctor managers’ identities"

Rosalia Cascón Pereira - Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Jerry Hallier - University of Stirling

Developmental Paper Award:

"On The Identity Work Of Having No Impact"

Mark Learmonth - Durham University



Full Paper Award:

"The unfolding of emotions of implementors and end-users of innovations in the organizational innovation process"

Fabiano Mauri - IBMEC-RJ
Fatima Cristina Bacellar - Ecole de Managemen de Normandie
Jose Luiz Trinta - IBMEC-RJ


International Business

Full Paper Award:

"Testing the advantage paradox of multinational corporations. Subsidiary embeddedness and autonomy in innovation processes"

Francesco Ciabuschi - Free University of Bozen
Henrik Dellestrand - Uppsala University
Oscar Martín - Public University of Navarra

Developmental Paper Award:

"Greenhouse Gas-Reduction Strategising and the Multinational Enterprise"

Hinrich Voss - University of Leeds
Jeremy Clegg - University of Leeds


Inter-Organisational Relations

Developmental Paper Award:

"Flex and Reflexivity: leadership in festival networks"

Paul Hibbert - University of Strathclyde
Nic Beech - University of St Andrews
Charlotte McLeod - University of Strathclyde


Knowledge & Learning

Full Paper Award:

"Appropriation or Participation of the Individual in the Knowledge Management debate: a Philosophical Prospective "

Isabel Rechberg - University of Kent
Jawad Syed - University of Kent


Leadership and Leadership Development

Full Paper Award:

"Re-conceptualizing Distributed Leadership: knowledge management, information integration and the Leader-task-Context framework"

Paul Iles - University of Salford
Yanan Feng - University of Leeds


Management and Business History

Full Paper Award:

"Living up to the Past? Sensemaking and Ideology in Organizational Transition"

Mairi Maclean - University of Exeter
John Sillince - University of Strathclyde
Charles Harvey - Newcastle University

Developmental Paper Award:

"Producer Choice at the BBC: strategy, history and politics"

Chris Carter - Newcastle University
Alan Mckinlay - University of St Andrews

Marketing & Retail

Full Paper Award:

"Utilizing the UTAUT model in explaining online behaviour: internet banking usage"

Kholoud AlQeisi - Applied Science University
Charles Dennis - Lincoln University


Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Full Paper Award:

"Green Supplier Selection: state of the art and some empirical evidence"

Andrea Genovese - University of Sheffield
Koh SC Lenny - University of Sheffield
Bruno Giuseppe - University of Naples "Federico II"
Emilio Esposito - University of Naples "Federico II"

Developmental Paper Award:

Developing SimLean: a fusion of simulation and lean for healthcare processes

Stewart Robinson - University of Warwick
Zoe Radnor - Cardiff University
Nicola Burgess - University of Warwick
Claire Worthington - University of Warwick


Organizational Psychology

Full Paper Award:

"Academics and Breach of the Psychological Contract in the University Sector: Insights from an Australian Business School "

Branka Krivokapic-Skoko - Charles Sturt University
Grant O'Neill - Charles Sturt University
David Dowell - Charles Sturt University

Developmental Paper Award:

"Quality and Patient Mortality in NHS Hospitals: is the strength of climate for quality linked to mortality?"

Matthew Carter - Aston University
William Fear - Cardiff University


Performance Management

Full Paper Award:

"Participation in Budget Setting, Evaluation, Incentive Compensation and Employee Motivation to Perform: a broader perspective on expectancy theory"

Nazila Razi - Macquarie University
Elizabeth More - Australian Catholic University


Public Management & Governance

Full Paper Award:

"Governmentality or network governance: the case of clinical guidelines in UK health care"

Ewan Ferlie - King's College London
Gerry McGivern - King's College London


Strategy as Practice

Full Paper Award:

"The Practice of Animal Spirits: purposive action in an uncertain world"

Graham Winch - The University of Manchester
Kristian Kreiner - Copenhagen Business School

Developmental Paper Award:

"How does the relational structure of a board influence the situated act of strategising?"

Andrea Herepath - Cardiff University