BAM2011 | Doctoral Symposium Research Conversations

Research Conversation Guidelines

Guidance for submitting a paper

The Research Conversations concern intensive roundtable discussions of students' research with senior academics in their field. This track is recommended for third-year doctoral students, who already have some research experience and would like to gain some feedback on their work.

First and second year students are recommended to participate in the methodology clinics, as they will benefit from these clinics, and often do not have sufficient theoretical or empirical material to present and discuss in the Research Conversations track. If you wish to attend a Research Conversations track you need to register for the Doctoral Symposium before the Friday 13th May 2011 .

Your paper for a Research Conversations track must then be submitted by Friday 10th June 2011 . Papers are limited to five pages, excluding key references and title page. A paper must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, the research method, major results (to date), implications and key references.

Students should also supply a number of keywords indicating the field of research to which their paper is contributing.

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Maximum length:

  • 5 pages plus title/cover page, plus references


  • All 2.5 cm or 1 inch


  • 12pt Times New Roman


  • Single spaced

Title page:

  • Paper Title, Author, Affiliation, Contact Address, E mail and Telephone Number
  • 1. The management 'discipline' of the paper (e.g. strategy, marketing, etc.):
  • 2. Three or four key words that help identify its main themes:
  • 3. A brief statement (up to six words) explaining research methodology:
  • 4. Indicate in which area you would value help: (a) Literature on the topic (b) Theory (c) Methodology (d) Other (please specify).

First page top half:

  • Title (no author names); Abstract (no more than 100 words); The four (max.) keywords from the Title page.

First page bottom half:

  • (Start of text) Papers must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, the research method, major results, implications and key references.

Use the British Journal of Management format for references, formulas, figures and tables to be placed in the text. (see ).

Submitting your Paper

Make sure that you have included all the information requested on the title and first page.

Copy the text from your title page into the body of the e mail you are attaching your paper to. We need this to allow the reviewers to initially understand the broad themes of your work without having to read your paper.

Email your completed paper, before Friday 10th June 2011 to .