BAM2012 Testimonials

BAM2012 Testimonials

  • A really good opportunity to step back, network with colleagues, and consider a broad and cross-discipline range of approaches to knowledge and learning

    Dr John Neugebauer, Bristol Business School, The University of the West of England

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the BAM2012 Conference and will definitely be back next year. As an early career researcher the safe and supportive environment in which I was able to discuss my doctoral research, together with the expert advice and guidance I received, was invaluable.

    Amanda Lee, Coventry University and University of Surrey

  • BAM 2012 was the first conference of the series I had the pleasure to attend and my impressions were great > Not only did I get useful feedback during my presentation, but I got the chance to meet brilliant researchers, noted academicians and make many new friends. I recommend the conferences of BAM to everyone affiliated to management science and I tend to attend them every year from now on.

    Georgios L. Vousinas, Athens University (Greece)

  • BAM is an excellent event and one which brings together a range of research expertise from PhD students to research scholars and it is great place to see knowledge being truly created and shared... it is THE conference to go to.

    Dr Yusra Mouzugh
    , Programme Leader for Doctoral Programmes Liverpool John Moores University
  • This top-notch event has been a highlight of my academic calendar this year! I strongly recommend attending the annual BAM conference to any British and international scholar interested in high quality management research!

    Roland Schwald, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (Germany)

  • BAM2012 it was a unique opportunity to be aware of what's happening on Management Research and meet very talented and skilled people from around the world. A unique experience!

    Robson Carmo, Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (Brazil)

  • A very enjoyable, informative, relevant event with plenty of opportunity to network with others. Look forward to BAM Liverpool 2013.

    Vicky, Roehampton University.

  • An excellent conference with great chance to network

    Arthur Turner, University of Glamorgan

  • Excellent papers and networking at its best, in most beautiful surroundings!!

    Dr Frank Bezzina, University of Malta

  • Great atmosphere; an excellent scholarly contribution.

    Yehuda Baruch, Rouen Business School & Middlesex University

  • I very much enjoyed the conference overall - organisation, content and networking. People who attended and presented were very open-minded and friendly. The execution was almost flawless thanks to Joe, Miriam, Monica and other team members, which made my experience, as a delegate, much more pleasant. I am very likely to attend again in the future and look forward to visiting Liverpool in 2013.

    Sanija Weber, London Metropolitan University

  • It was entertaining to learn how different researchers were researching concepts with such contrasting different methodologies, it was like seeing it through different lenses. The discussions helped me adopt a better methodology for my study.

    Fatima A. Junaid, Institute of Management Sciences (Pakistan)

  • It was my first time in BAM conference. Everything was over my expectations; meeting with many valuable academics, hearing new ideas about my field and being a part of a well-organised event. I am looking forward to other BAM conferences!

    Ece Turan, University of Roehampton

  • 'The BAM Conference is a great opportunity not just to engage with your core area of research but also to get to know of the emerging research areas in other disciplines especially in an era of multi-disciplinary research

    Dr Adolf Acquaye, University of Sheffield

  • This was a great city to host a conference - very enjoyable. The overall range of papers was of a good standard in the tracks I attended, with a good balance of established and young researchers presenting interesting research. In terms of organization, the BAM conference seemed spot on in most areas!

    Dr. Anne Broderick, De Montfort University

  • Top academic conference of the year; if you only go to one, this is it.

    Scott Lichtenstein, BCU

  • Yes, I always regard BAM as an outstanding conference for management group, more so for the quality standard in reviewing papers.

    Dr Norish Aminudin, Universiti Kebangsaan (Malaysia)

Anonymous Testimonials

  • “The PDWs were an amazing opportunity to learn and network. I came away with new ideas, new references to look up and new people - friends - to talk to about how I might develop my work”
  • A great conference getting better all the time
  • A highly enjoyable conference that had a large number of social events that helped delegates to get to know one another.
  • A lovely city, excellent venue and friendly staff
  • A very interesting event that certainly broadens your scientific horizons.
  • An enjoyable and interesting few days, with good opportunities to network and to feel part of a thriving research community
  • An excellent event as always, a great opportunity to network and get high quality feedback on my work. I come away from the event encouraged, buzzing with ideas and actions to follow up on.
  • BAM is a reliable “friend” to have on your way to academic expertise and professional fulfilment. It nourishes and challenges your expertise. It encourages you to do better. It reveals to you the benefits of hard work (when you meet hardworking and successful colleagues), the varied career choices and routes open to you and gives you a podium to sound out your opinion and receive beneficial feedback. For an established academic it is a worthwhile opportunity to transmit your ideas and inspire people. BAM has something for every academic that has interest in Business, Management and related fields.
  • BAM2012 was a great conference in a great venue!
  • Cardiff - three days when I truly felt I was an academic, I'm looking forward to repeating this feeling again in Liverpool.
  • Fantastic job done by the organisers, couldn't be better.
  • Getting a better understanding of the SIGs, and some contacts of other researchers in the same area, was a really useful output for me.
  • I am very pleased with having participated at the BAM 2012 conference. I got extremely useful feedback on the paper I presented and suggestions on ways to develop my research further; and I also interacted with interesting people from other fields. By the way, returning to Cardiff after many years was also an important part of the experience.
  • I particularly like the informality of BAM. For example the use of names only (no titles on name tags) and so the removal of status, e.g.; avoiding the coloured dots for “important” and “lepers” as they do at some other large conferences. Keep this as is, it encourages communication and reduces the “meat market effect” of people only talking to those who might offer them a job (as at AOM or DSI etc.). The feeling is one of equality. Keep it that way.
  • I should like to express my admiration and respect for the conference organization. The BAM2012 conference was very interesting for both scientific societies and practitioners
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my first BAM conference - excellently organised, and a great learning and networking experience.
  • I would like to congratulate the BAM team for pulling off yet another well organised, stimulating, and relevant conference that seems to be getting better and better each year. I congratulate you for living up to my expectations regarding new insights, current debates and research focus from a personal and professional perspective. I look forward to joining you again next year in Liverpool.
  • It was a good opportunity to meet researchers with similar interests and research areas. The organization was efficient and smooth.
  • It was a very enriching experience
  • The BAM conference in Cardiff, even though it's my first time, I find it to be the best conference I. Have attended so far due to the review process and the organisation and delegates. It is really a medium for networking.
  • The BAM conference is always a great opportunity to meet colleagues, hear about interesting new high quality research and have some fun.
  • The conference was beautifully planned. The civil attitude and effectiveness of the desk support staff were very encouraging. The catering service and the food were highly commendable. This is more or less the conference i enjoyed most out of the three times of attendance in all ramifications.
  • Wonderful to be involved with a vibrant community of practice at BAM's annual conference in Cardiff this year.