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The Case Centre

The Case Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the case method in management education. At The Case Centre you will find the best business education teaching materials available worldwide. The Case Centre also provides training and support in all aspects of case writing, teaching and learning.

About the collection

The collection of over 82,600 items is searchable at The Case Centre and includes:

  • Case studies - 47,600+ cases from leading business schools on all aspects of national and international business and management. This includes the collections of Harvard Business Publishing, Ivey Publishing, Darden Business Publishing, INSEAD, IBS Hyderabad, IMD and London Business School amongst many others.
  • Management articles - 9,100+ articles from a wide range of leading management journals and newsletters including California Management Review, Harvard Business Review, IESE Insight, Ivey Business Journal and MIT Sloan Management Review.
  • Book chapters - 4,100+ individual chapters from a variety of management education books published by Business Expert Press, Harvard Business Press, McGraw-Hill Education and McGraw-Hill Professional.
  • Instructor materials - 20,400+ teaching notes and instructor materials to accompany cases.
  • Multimedia - 170+ multimedia and interactive items.
  • DVDs - 600+ DVDs to accompany a variety of cases.

Educators can register for free access to on-line inspection copies and instructor materials. Register now >

Distribute your cases through The Case Centre

When you, or your institution, register a case with The Case Centre it automatically becomes available to a global audience. The Case Centre pays member organisations a royalty for each copy ordered. We welcome cases on all areas of business, management and government from organisations and individual authors worldwide. Find out more >

Case method training

The Case Centre runs regular, affordably priced, open and customised workshops worldwide and is widely recognised as the foremost independent provider of training in the case method. Tutors are experienced case authors and teachers. Our current open events are listed below.

Improve Your Case Teaching Skills
17-18 October 2013 at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Led by Martin Kupp

Creating Compelling Cases
21-22 November 2013 at Kellogg School of Management, Chicago, US
Led by Jamie Anderson

Start Writing Cases
9-10 December 2013 at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Led by Trevor Williamson

Case Teaching
20th-21st January 2014 at IMD, Switzerland
Led by Kamran Kashani

Aligning Your Research & Teaching - The Potential of Case Studies
22nd January at IMD, Switzerland
Led by Mark Jenkins

Writing Cases
23rd-24th January 2014 at IMD, Switzerland
Led by Trevor Williamson

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