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16th Jan - 26th Feb

BAM2014 Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers in the sections below to find the answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here, it is likely that you are not the only one.

Please contact the BAM Team or on +44(0)2073837770, and we will do our best to answer your query as soon as possible.

1. Submission Process

Does BAM accept submissions from non-BAM members?

We allow submissions from non-BAM members, however you must be a member to a) attend the conference and b) have your paper appear in the Conference Proceedings.

The deadline for accepted authors to register for the conference is the 3rd June 2014, and membership must be purchased beforehand. To find out more about the benefits of BAM membership, please go to: /membership-benefits.

I am having trouble logging in to the submission system, what should I do?

Please note that the BAM website and BAM conference Paper Submission Website are not linked. You will not be able to log into the BAM Conference Paper Submission Website with the login details for BAM website.

If you have used this submission system before (introduced for BAM2013) but have forgotten your login details, please use the following links for a reminder:

Resend Username  |  Resend Password

If you require any further assistance, please call the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770 or email

What are the key dates for the BAM2014 Conference?

JAN 16: Paper submission opens
FEB 26: Paper submission closes
MAR 04: Booking opens
JUN 03: Deadline for paper presenters to register
JUN 30: Deadline for paper revisions
JUL 31: Provisional paper times released

Are there format requirements or guidelines for the different submission types?

Yes there are. For more details on the general format requirements and the guidelines for the different paper submission types, please see the following page:

BAM2014 Paper Submission Guidelines

How / when will I receive notification that my paper has been accepted or rejected?

The submission will be refereed and you will be advised of its acceptance or rejection via the submission website by the Track Chair towards the end of April / Beginning of May.

Are the paper details I submit on the submission form final?

When submitting a paper you will be asked to complete an online submission form. Please ensure that all information such as the paper title, author name & contact details and other fields are completed accurately when uploading your initial submission, as these may be used in the published conference proceedings and authors will be unable to edit these online.

If you have made a mistake, please contact Monika in the BAM office at

For the reviewing process do I need to submit a draft paper, or will an abstract be enough?

To submit a paper to the BAM conference we require a draft paper to be submitted for review; an abstract will not suffice. What is required for submission varies for the different paper types.

To find out more about what is required for your submission, please click here to view the submission guidelines for the different paper types.

Can papers be published elsewhere before submitting to the BAM2014 Conference Proceedings?

Papers that have already been published in a journal prior to the BAM conference are not eligible to be submitted to the BAM conference.

In addition, papers must not have been previously presented, or scheduled for presentation, at any other conference.

If the work has been presented at a previous BAM conference, the submission must represent a serious development beyond that of the previous presentation.

Pre-Conference Information

Do I need to be a BAM member to attend the BAM Conference?

Yes. It is a requirement that everyone attending the BAM conference is a BAM member.

It is not a requirement for authors to be a member to submit a paper, the deadline for accepted authors to register for both membership and the conference is the 3rd June 2014.

Find about joining BAM here

I need a VISA to attend the BAM Conference, will BAM send me a letter to support my application?

BAM is not able to provide delegates with a letter of invitation.

However, if you have a) had a paper accepted for presentation at the conference and b) have registered & paid to attend the conference, an official letter can be provided to confirm the status of your paper & registration to support your VISA application.

Please contact if you meet these criteria and require a letter to support your application.

Will there be powerpoint facilities available at the BAM2014 Conference?

Powerpoint facilities will be provided for full paper, symposia and workshop sessions, but will not be made available for developmental paper sessions.

If you are planning on presenting a developmental paper at the BAM Conference, please bear in mind that no computer facilities will be provided.

Are accepted papers published?

Conference Proceedings

All submissions to the BAM conference, with the exception of the professional developmental workshops, will be published in the Official Online Conference Proceedings. This publication will have an ISBN number, and so can be referenced.


Papers submitted to the BAM conference will not be published in a journal.

Can papers be published after submitting to the conference proceedings?

After the conference has concluded, any paper that has been presented will be eligible to be published in a scientific journal.