BAM2020 Conference in the Cloud FAQ

  1. Is the BAM2020 Conference taking place in Manchester this year? No, in order to keep our members safe during the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the 34th Annual BAM Conference has been postponed until 2021 where we shall meet at the University of Manchester. In its place this year we are holding an online BAM Conference in the Cloud'
  2. Will the normal Conference fee apply to the Conference in the Cloud? No. We are aware that many of our members will not have their normal access to funding as we all struggle in this uncertain financial environment so we have set a special delegate fee of just £100 to include 12 months’ free membership of BAM.
  3. Can I defer my paper to BAM2021? No, all papers submitted to BAM2021 will need to be reviewed. 
  4. I am a student, will the student discount apply? Yes, the student discount will apply. The fee will be £45 and you will be required to provide a scanned letter from your institution which verifies your student status. Please email the letter to
  5. How will the free membership work as I have just paid for 12 months? Your membership will be renewed for another year from the end date of your membership e.g. if your membership expires on the 11th May 2021 then it will automatically be valid until 11th May 2022.
  6. When will the registration open for the Conference in the Cloud? Registration will open on the 18th May at 12.00.
  7. Can I attend the conference without submitting a paper? Yes you can attend the Conference without submitting a paper
  8. Can I request a letter of acceptance? Yes you can email for an acceptance letter. Please include in the email details of all authors, paper ID number, track which you submitted to and whether it was accepted as a full or developmental paper. Please note the letter will be emailed to you within 5-7 days.

General note:

We divided our FAQ section (a) aimed at individual members registering for the Conference in The Cloud and (b) aimed at universities paying on behalf of the delegate.

Members registering and paying themselves

Q. How do I pay for the Conference?

 A. Payment can be made online by card (Visa, MasterCard) on the Conference homepage. You will need to click on the PayPal checkout link (highlighted in yellow) in order to insert your card details. The payment will be made to British Academy of Management and the system will generate an auto receipt at the end of your booking. Please note that we are unable to process payments made by American Express.

Q. I haven’t received confirmation of my registration – am I booked?

A. Registered delegates will receive an auto-confirmation upon booking, so if you haven’t received the email, please check your spam folder. If you have not received this then please contact

Q. Can I pay for the registration via bank transfer?    

A. Yes, you can pay via bank transfer. Please make sure you reference it with your full name. If someone else is paying on your behalf, please make sure they reference it with your name.

Bank details

Account name: British Academy of Management Ltd

Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank

Bank Address: 80 Cornhill Bank, London, EC3V 3NJ

Account No: 65220757

Sort Code: 08-02-28

IBAN: GB86 CPBK 08022865220757 (non-mandatory for UK payments)

Swift: Code CPBK GB22 (non-mandatory for UK payments)

Q. I paid via bank transfer but did not receive confirmation of my registration. Am I registered?

A: Please allow at least 3-5 days for the payment to go through. If by then you don’t receive the confirmation, please email (please include in the subject line your name and membership address)

Q: I am based in Pakistan. I tried to pay for the registration via PayPal but was unable to complete the transaction. Could you please advise?

A: Unfortunately, PayPal platform does not work in Pakistan. Please pay via bank transfer (see instructions above).

Universities paying on behalf of the delegate

Registration step-by-step process

  1. Please create an account on the website and click on the Conference homepage.
  2. Please click on the registration button on the right hand side bar to proceed with making the payment (please note you will need to click on the correct fee)
  3. You will be required to click on the Paypal link (highlighted in yellow) to insert card details.
  4. If you pay with a University card you will receive a receipt from PayPal confirming the purchase. In addition, delegate will receive email confirmation of his/her registration.

Paying via Bank Transfer

  1. Please allow 3-5 days for the payment to clear.
  2. Please advise the delegate on the date of the bank transfer

Invoicing requests

  1. Please email to request an invoice  
  1. In the subject line, please use the delegate’s full name
  2. If you are paying a student fee, please attach a copy of the letter stating that the person is a student in your University.