British Academy of Management Transitions 1 Grants Scheme Call for Applications 2017-2018

'Supporting the Creation of Management Knowledge through Research and its Dissemination through Teaching and Application'

About the Scheme

The British Academy of Management (BAM) is pleased to announce the launch of the BAM Transitions 1 Grants Scheme.

Through this scheme, BAM will make grants of up to £4,000 to encourage and support research activities with the ambition of building a pluralistic management research community, and advancing business and management scholarship.

Transitions 1 is open to BAM members early in their research career. The scheme is designed to:

  • Give priority to members early in their research career (including those with an established teaching career).
  • Encourage and support research across the range of BAM members’ research interests.
  • Support research in traditional and more innovative domains, as well as research with a practical orientation.
  • Other things being equal, give priority to proposals with free open access and/or other innovative publication and dissemination strategies.

The scheme is part of the BAM mission to support rigorous, relevant, ethical, and independent research in business and management.

The scheme is open to all BAM Members. Non-members wishing to apply to the scheme can join BAM. Applications are invited from individuals or teams (which also includes industry partnerships).

The submission site will open on Monday 6th March at 12:00 (GMT) and the deadline to submit your application is Friday 7th April at 17:00 (GMT)

Read on for more information about the Scheme.

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Key Dates 2017

  • Call for applications: January 2017
  • Opening for applications: Monday 6th March 2017 at 12.00pm (GMT)
  • Deadline for applications: Friday 7th April 2017 at 17:00pm (GMT)
  • Reviewing process: May-July 2017
  • Outcome of application notification and allocation of funding: August-September 2017

Papers of accepted applications to be submitted to the  BAM2018 conference in January 2018.

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Submissions will be assessed according to the purposes of the grant scheme in the descriptor above.

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Applicants will be required to fulfil the following conditions when applying to the Scheme:

  • All applicants must be BAM members.
  • Only one application is allowed per applicant.
  • BAM members outside the HE sector may apply.
  • Partnerships with other organizations are encouraged, particularly involving matched funding.
  • The application cannot be under consideration elsewhere at the time of funding.

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Applying to the Scheme

Application Form

Applicants must ensure that they have read the Terms and Conditions and the Financial Explanatory Guidance Notes prior to applying to the scheme. When making an application please ensure that the format requirements are adhered to and that the requested information is included in the order given.

You can access a template application form here

Please note: Applicants will need to complete an application form for their proposal which needs to be submitted electronically to the BAM Transitions 1 Grants Scheme: Online Submission Website which opens on Monday 6th March at 12:00pm (UK Time)

The application deadline for the scheme is Friday 7th April at 17:00pm (GMT)

Format Requirements for the Application Forms

When making an application, please ensure that the format requirements stated below are adhered to:

  • The proposal must be submitted as ONE document

  • No identifying information (author's names, email addresses, institutions)

  • Any version of Word but NOT as a PDF must be submitted, in order to anonymise applications for reviewers

  • Documents must be legible and not show any history of tracked changes or comments

  • If your application form includes graphics, please ensure these are of a high quality and please consider your final file size

  • No changes in the paper title, abstract, keywords, authorship and the actual proposal can be made after the submission deadline. Therefore, please ensure that all information is accurate before submitting the proposal.

  • Check that the file of your proposal prints correctly (i.e. all imported figures and tables are there) and ensure that the file is virus-free

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Reviewing Process

The relevant members of the BAM executive will organize a blind-peer review process.

There will be an initial ‘desk reject’ process to identify and exclude those applications which do not meet the grant descriptor.

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Notification of Outcome

Outcomes will be notified in August/September 2017

Specific dates will depend on submission numbers.

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Successful Applicants

The Grant will be contracted between BAM and the Principal Applicant’s Research Office. The contract will contain the terms and conditions of the grant, the grant amount and the proposed dates on which the research project should start and end. The Principal Applicant's Research Office must accept the terms and conditions, sign the completed contract and return to BAM within one month.

The Principal Applicant’s organisation will also need to issue an invoice to BAM to claim the grant. Grant holder(s) must not commit any expenditure prior to the contract being issued and the period of grant has commenced.
Please note: applicants who do not wish to take up the offer of a grant should notify BAM as soon as possible.

Successful Grant Holder(s) are required to fulfil the following key conditions upon being awarded the grant:

  • The Principal Applicant and all Co-Applicants must be a BAM Member and have  valid BAM Membership for the duration of the project.

  • Acknowledge BAM’s support for the project in any publication (written or electronic) that arises as a direct result of the project.

  • Inform BAM of further research that arises as a result of the project.

  • Submit a bi-annual ‘Project and Financial Interim Report’ of approximately 500 words. This is to ensure that the project is proceeding as planned; how much of the funding has been spent or committed and if there are any additional things BAM can help with for a successful completion of the project.

  • Submit an ‘End of Grant and Financial Report’ of approximately 2,000 words within one month of the completion of the project.

  • Present the research outcomes at the BAM Annual Conference.

  • Applicants may be expected to report to the Vice Chair: Research and Publications Subcommittee to discuss research progress.

Read the full Terms and Conditions
Read the Financial Explanatory Guidance Notes

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For more information about the British Academy of Management Transitions 1 Grants Scheme or for any other enquiries, please contact:

British Academy of Management

Please note: The British Academy of Management Transitions 1 Grants Scheme will be reviewed and revised on an annual basis.