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SOLD OUT! BAM Strategy SIG Event: Using causal mapping in strategy development and qualitative research

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Causal mapping is a recurring topic of interest for British Academy of Management members on the evidence of submissions to the annual conference. But in what ways, and to what benefits, can it be used in qualitative research? And how might it be used to bring theory to life when engaging with management teams? This event explores the potential of causal mapping as an enabler of effective strategy development in practice, and as a versatile aid to robust and innovative qualitative research.

In the morning session, the presenting team will help participants understand the principles and conventions of causal mapping, and why you might use as a qualitative research method and a basis for coding. Drawing on the specific qualitative research challenges facing attending participants, this research method focused part of the day will also help participants develop a sense of the potential to refine and analyse qualitative data with rigor through causal mapping.

As a complement, the afternoon session addresses the use of causal mapping in strategy development with management teams. This practice-oriented session reviews two distinctive but complementary strategy making process designs supported by causal mapping, relating to issue management and competitive advantage theory. Drawing on examples from consultancy engagements, the benefits, challenges and theory-in-practice considerations of causal mapping as an enabler of strategy will be discussed. A plenary session concludes the day, examining how (strategic) management theories might be brought to life through causal mapping, creating valuable, theory- informed practitioner outcomes.





This event will take place on 19th April 2018; 10:00 - 16:00


Who Should Attend



This workshop will be of interest to researchers of all levels seeking to understand the principles and conventions of causal mapping and how you might use it to collect, structure, refine and analyse qualitative data with rigor.

It will also be relevant to strategy academics seeking to conduct action research, knowledge exchange or consultancy activities using causal mapping as an enabling method.


Benefits of Attendance



  • Increased understanding of causal mapping conventions and principles
  • Awareness of the range of possible applications of causal mapping to qualitative research challenges
  • Practical insights as to how to use causal mapping to rigorously analysis rich, complex qualitative data sets
  • Understand two complementary workshop designs for using causal mapping in strategy making
  • Gain an appreciation of how causal mapping might operationalise concepts of competitive advantage and distinctiveness for a management team
  • Understand how causal mapping can enable a participative approach to strategy making that is efficient and effective in achieving outcomes and building commitment and engagement to strategy
  • Identify how causal mapping might be applied to your own academic interests in research and knowledge exchange






Conference Aston Meeting Suites, Main Building, Aston University Campus, Birmingham, B4 7ET





Provider Information



BAM Strategy SIG: Prof. Colin Eden, Prof. Dave Mackay, Dr. Viktor Dorfler, and Dr. Igor Pyrko





Any of the event organisers can provide further details:


For general enquiries please contact us at the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770, or at



Event Fee 



£20 per BAM member to attend

Limited to 20 places on a first come, first served basis





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Booking deadlline is 5th of April, 2018


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Cancelation Policy - Should you wish to cancel your place, you will receive a full refund if your cancelation is made 4 weeks prior to the event. After this, full payment will be required.  BAM reserves the right to cancel the event if there are not enough people to justify running the workshops.


19th April 2018   to   4:00 PM
Conference Aston Meeting Suites
Main Building
Aston University Campus
B4 7ET
United Kingdom
BAM Member fee £ 20.00
Event Information
Event Provider BAM Strategy SIG
Date / Time 19th April 2018; 10:00 - 16:00
Venue Conference Aston Meeting Suites, Main Building, Aston University Campus, Birmingham, B4 7ET
Event Type Other
Target Audience All Levels
Price £20 per BAM member to attend - Limited to 20 places on a first come, first served basis
Booking Deadline 5th April 2018
Link to Booking Form
Contact For more information on this event please contact the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770, or email:
Delegate List Available? No

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