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9th International Conference on Corporate Governance - “Corporate Governance: Coping with Financial Crisis”

This conference will appeal to academics, policy makers and business/industry professionals. Corporate governance is seen as central to the efficient management of a business (whether that business is for profit or not-for-profit) and essential for long-term sustainability. However the recent financial crisis shook investor confidence around the globe and the impact of failing banks and the economic downturn has been felt throughout various economies resulting in company closures, redundancies and reduced government funding for public services. This conference will provide a forum in which delegates can interact and network, and discuss how the latest developments in corporate governance can help cope with financial crisis and restore confidence in the markets.



There will be a panel of keynote speakers and presentation of papers by leading academics and practitioners in the field. Papers are invited on issues relating to any area of corporate governance and its role in coping with financial crisis.  Possible topic areas may include the development of corporate governance codes, for example, revamped country codes such as those introduced in 2010 in the UK,  Australia, Germany and Sweden (to name but a few); boards of directors and how they have responded to financial crisis; the evaluation of directors; board committees; developments in executive remuneration policy; corporate performance and corporate governance; socially responsible investment; institutional investors; corporate governance and IPOs; corporate governance in SMEs; corporate governance and private equity firms; venture capitalists; sovereign funds, etc.  There will be a Best Paper Prize for the best paper presented at the conference.

Paper Submission Details

Papers should be sent as an electronic copy in PDF format, by 1st March 2011 to Karen Hanson, email:

Additional Information

To reserve a place, present a paper, or for further information please refer to the conference website

30th June 2011   to   5:15 PM
Event Information
Event Provider Centre for Corporate Governance Research
Date / Time 30th June 2011
Venue Birmingham Business School
Event Type Conference
Target Audience All Levels
Booking Deadline
Link to Booking Form
Contact Mrs Karen Hanson - | +44 (0) 121 414 6530
Delegate List Available?
Conference Information
Call for papers deadline 1st March 2011
Conference Name
Conference Proceedings

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