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2017 Directors Report

Responsible Business, Business Ethics and Management History Strategy in Conversation - Can History Inform Corporate Responsibility?







There is continued and increasing academic interest in responsible business - and how this interacts and informs management and organization strategy and practice  (eg, Porter and Kramer, 2011).  Recent scholarship and practice has put the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other corporate responsibility initiatives, such as B-corporation accreditation, centre stage in driving forward the agenda (eg. Voegtlin & Scherer, 2017; Moroz, et al., 2018).

At the same time, scholarship in management history has examined the origins and directions of  of corporate responsibility (eg, Hoffman, 2007; Marens, 2008; Singleton, 2018) and the literature on ‘social movements’, the forerunners of contemporary concerns,  is especially rich and diverse. For example, cooperatives (eg, Wilson, Webster and Vorberg-Rugh, 2013), credit unions (Ward and McKillop, 2005), mutuality (Batiz-Lazo and Billings, 2012), social entrepreneurship (eg, Murphy, et al., 2018), and religiously-grounded movements such as the Quakers (Prior and Kirby, 2006, Robertson, Korczynski and Pickering, 2007), to name a few.  Though this wide range of work focuses largely on historical events and chronologies, what contemporary scholars of socially responsible management can learn from this rich and varied history has received much less attention. This special issue seeks to redress this balance.


This event follows up on a SIG event in Newcastle in April and papers from it are intended to feature in an SI of the Journal of Management History.





This event will take place on 10 January 2019



Who Should Attend


Management scholars in the strategy, governance and international business fields as well as management and business historians.  In addition there should be cross-disciplinary interest with the event potentially able to attract law scholars and legal historians.



Benefits of Attendance


There will be opportunities for cross-pollination or networking but the main aim is to provide a first presentation and review of papers to appear in an already approved Special Issue of the Journal of Management History (JMH).  JMH is among the world’s leading management journals.  Additionally this would fit with two of the York Management School’s research themes – Justice, Ethics and Equality, and Business Humanities, particularly the Management and Organizational History Research Cluster (MOHRC), and this would be an opportunity for candidate scholars to have their papers commented upon by experts in these highly relevant theoretical and empirical fields.





The York Management School

University of York

Heslington East Campus

Freboys Lane

York, YO10 5GD



Paper Submission Details


Paper Submission Details: Call for Papers 

Please send an extended abstract (500 words) to Kevin at





Dr Kevin Tennent (York)

Dr Nicholas Burton (Northumbria)

Prof John Wilson (Northumbria)

Dr John Quail (York)

Plus others – open to submissions for 6-8 papers. 





A buffet lunch and morning and afternoon coffee would be provided.


Approximate schedule of event:


10:00 Introduction

10:10 First Paper

10:55 Coffee

11:10 Second Paper

11:55 Third Paper

12:40 Lunch

13:30 Fourth Paper

14:15 Fifth Paper

15:00 Coffee

15:15 Sixth Paper

16:00 Seventh Paper (if needed)

16:45 Closing remarks


If an eighth paper is to be included, then all slots will be shortened to 30 minutes to accommodate it without extending the day



Provider Information


BAM Management and Business History SIG and Organizational History Research Cluster





For specific information about this event please contact the workshop facilitator(s): Kevin Tennent - or Nicholas Burton -


For general enquiries please contact Linh Dang at the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770, or at



Event Fee 


BAM members free

University of York staff and PhD students free

Non-BAM members/York staff/students: £10






BAM Members 


Log into your account and proceed with the registration for the event.




Non-BAM Members 


Please follow the steps below: 

1. Create a Non-BAM Member Account at Stay Informed.

2. Complete your registration by emailing Linh Dang at or calling the BAM office on 020 7383 7770.


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Book Now


If you are a BAM member, please ensure that you are logged in (using the login box at the top of the screen) and then click the following link to register.



Cancelation Policy - Should you wish to cancel your place, you will receive a full refund if your cancelation is made 4 weeks prior to the event. After this, full payment will be required.  BAM reserves the right to cancel the event if there are not enough people to justify running the workshops.


10th January 2019   to   12:00 AM
The York Management School, University of York
Heslington East Campus
Freboys Lane
YO10 5GD
United Kingdom
BAM Member Fee £ 0.00
Non-BAM Members Fee £ 10.00
Event Information
Event Provider BAM Management and Business History SIG
Date / Time 10 January 2019
Venue York, YO10 5GD
Event Type
Target Audience
Booking Deadline 6th January 2019
Link to Booking Form
Contact For more information on this event please contact the BAM Office on +44(0)2073837770, or at
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