Conference 2009

BAM Conference 2009

15-17 September 2009 Brighton Centre, Brighton - Hosted by the University of Brighton

The End of the Pier? Competing perspectives on the challenges facing business and management

The End of the Pier? The emergence of powerful new countries in the global economy, the onset of environmental concerns like global warming, and the outbreak of corporate scandals and financial crises, all point towards the need for a new agenda to challenge managers and business. Arguably, however, the Academy is in danger of barely addressing these major issues, and is failing to help governments, businesses, lobby groups and non-governmental organizations alike in thinking about how they might be addressed.

BAM Conference 2009 Major challenges confront us in helping to develop new business philosophies and models that are capable of addressing these imperatives. While some exciting and controversial initiatives are emerging - like 'micro-financing' to stimulate small businesses, and marketing to the needs of the poorest parts of society at the so-called 'base of the pyramid' - we believe that such ideas represent only the tip of the iceberg of new perspectives that are possible.

There is a need for a robust response to the groundswell of opinion calling for businesses - and the managers within them - to act more honestly, take greater responsibility for dealing with problems, and to develop novel approaches to them. This thirst for change is reflected in calls for a new type of selfless business leader, capable of restoring integrity and tackling intractable organizational, social and political issues.

BAM Conference 2009 For the Academy to rise to these new challenges, stimulate debate, and forge new agendas, it will be essential to harness competing perspectives that draw on both existing as well as new scholarly work. In Brighton, the venue for the BAM 2009 Conference, this emphasis on resilience and rejuvenation is reflected in the constant destruction and reconstruction of our piers, which symbolise our aim to use competing perspectives as lenses on the challenges facing business and management.

So, whether your interest is focused on theory or practice, or an approach to a specific area like leadership, accountability, 'whistle blowing', or sustainability - we invite you to Brighton to play your part in engaging the Academy in the critical challenges facing the management community.