Continental Network


About the Continental Network

The Continental Network is an international community of the British Academy of Management officially founded in the course of the Annual Conference 2018 in Bristol to build BAM’s representation in continental Europe. It has the aim to connect scholars from the European Continent with British scholars, to establish a platform for regular, inter and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange and joint events as well as to strengthen the ties of academic cooperation.

The Continental Network Executive Committee

Prof Christian-Andreas Schumann

Prof Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki

Dr Kevin Reuther
Executive Director

Anna-Maria Nitsche
Events and Strategy Manager

James B Johnston



Background to the Foundation of the Continental Network

Throughout Europe, there is a variety of different research cultures and competences with a huge potential for synergy and opportunities for learning from each other. The BAM Continental Network aspires, especially in times of Brexit, to connect scholars and industry representatives from these different backgrounds for an international exchange of knowledge, ideas and approaches/methods to the benefit of the BAM community. In this initiative also lays great potential for the growth of the BAM community, as peers in continental Europe could become members of BAM to benefit from joint activities and events

Aims and Objectives

  • Establish a platform for knowledge exchange between the scholars in the UK and continental Europe
  • Strengthen the ties between the UK and European institutions and associations in times of Brexit through cooperation and joint activities
  • Provide the BAM community with international events in other (research) cultures
  • Enrich academic debates with perspectives from other research cultures
  • Create a nucleus for further growth in Continental Europe
  • Provide opportunities for participation to the wider community of BAM outside the UK
  • Being an organic part of the BAM organisational structure and processes

Board of Advisers

The board of advisers of the Continental Network supports the initiative through an exchange of knowledge and expertise, the opportunity for holding joint workshops and events as well as the provision of excellent keynote speakers.


Currently, the following organisations and representatives are represented on the board

  • Gesellschaft für Weiterbildung | Prof Dr Rainer Marr
  • Kühne & Nagel | Dr Jörg Wolle
  • Münchner Kreis | Dr Rahild Neuburger/ Prof Michael Dowling
  • Interdisciplinary Body for Digital Transformation of the Association of German Engineers | Dr Dagmar Dirzus / Dr Kurt Bettenhausen