BAM Mentorship Month 2022

BAM Mentorship Month 2022

The Mentorship Month is a mentorship scheme provided to support Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) and Early Career Academics (ECAs). To be classed as an ECA, you either need to be a final year PGR or, you need to have finished your PhD no more than 5 years ago.

Informed from our experience as ECAs in the British Academy Management (BAM), mentorship has been highlighted as a particular area of concern particularly for PGRs/ECAs who have consistently reported feeling unsupported, disconnected, and isolated.

During the Mentorship Month, mentees are able to personally select the areas that they would most like to receive support on including both personal and professional development needs. For instance, mentees may choose to receive mentoring on theory and philosophical underpinning, work-life balance or funding proposals. As such Mentorship Month is tailored to individuals’ needs and offers mentees a unique opportunity to be mentored by academics with expertise in the specific area that support is required. The scheme includes two contact hours between mentor and mentee which will be arranged amongst the mentorship pair and will be conducted online via video conferencing software. By taking part in this scheme you are expected to arrange dates/times of your meeting with your mentor via email and respond in a timely manner. As this is a pilot run (limit to 20 mentees) your involvement in the scheme will be on a first come first serve basis. 

There will also be an opportunity to attend a face-to-face event, titled ‘Crafting Careers as Early Career Academics’, held on Friday 9th December 2022 at De Montfort University – Leicester Business School. Sponsored by De Montfort University and the Marketing and Retail Special Interest Group (SIG), in collaboration with the Academic Affairs and Conference Capacity Building (AACCB) Council Sub-Committee.

3 Benefits from Attending

  1. Receive tailored mentoring from experienced academics from within the BAM community on an area chosen by you.
  2. Gain exposure in the BAM community.
  3. Grow a network with academics from other institutions and at different career stages.
  4. A free scheme for BAM members.

Dates of mentoring scheme – 1st – 30th November, 2022

To register: