The British Academy of Management (BAM) shares your desire to intelligently and positively respond to this rapidly changing environment and, so, this year the theme of its Annual Conference is:

Towards Disruptive Sustainability: New Business Opportunities and Challenges

 BAM’s 37th Annual Conference will be hosted by the University of Sussex on 1st of September (virtual day) and 5th-6th September (in person). The Conference is chaired by Dr Vasiliki Bamiatazi and Dr Marianna Marra. 

The main activity of the conference is the presentation and discussion of new research, complemented by high-profile keynote panels and interactive workshops, involving leading academics, practitioners and policymakers. 

This is the second year that the BAM conference will run in a hybrid format to allow authors to present their papers in an inclusive manner, whilst also creating networking opportunities for our community. In addition, some in-person programme elements such as keynote panels, will be live-streamed to our virtual audience. We expect over 1,000 participants from over 59 countries again. The conference will be run in real time, in person and online using a powerful platform (EventsAir) that offers many attractive features such as the ability to capture and follow up new leads and conduct live audience polling. There will also be an interactive and in-person (physical) exhibition hall and networking facility enabling delegates to connect with each other bringing virtual and in-person audiences together (one-to-one and in groups).  

The conference presents the opportunity to promote products and services as well as to raise an organisation’s global profile. It will also offer the opportunity for organisations to associate themselves with the University of Sussex’s commitment to sustainability.

Featuring academics and practitioners from over 59 countries, and a broad range of industries and perspectives, this conference is a perfect opportunity to promote your activities as a forward-thinking, engaged and collaborative player supporting the valuable insights shared. Covering topics such as mental health, equality and diversity and sustainability, this conference is progressive. These are challenges we all face and must respond to in a more informed way to make the transformation that is now needed.

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