British Academy of Management Grant Schemes

The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and British Academy of Management (BAM) 

SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme



The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and the British Academy of Management (BAM) is pleased to announce the launch of a new grant scheme starting in July 2019, with a second round of funding to be announced in 2020. 

The scheme partnership strengthens the commitment of both organisations to support management research and promote capacity building. 

The SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme: 

SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building grants are aimed at researchers who want to develop an empirical research project that: 

  • Enables capacity building by bringing together a group of researchers from at least two HE institutions, including early career as well as experienced researchers 

  • Produces novel conceptual outcomes based on rigorous, innovative use of methods and by developing original ways of thinking to address complex management problems  

  • Demonstrates the social value of management research conducted in the public interest 

Key information:

  • Maximum value of each award is £150,000
  • Duration of projects between 24 months (minimum) and 36 months (maximum)
  • Principal Investigators must be based in a UK HE institution, normally in a School of Management/Business (co-Investigators may be outside the UK)
  • Principal Investigator and all Co-Investigators based in Schools of Management/Business must be BAM Members
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview by the SAMS/BAM Grant Award Committee in January/February 2020

** Current members of BAM and SAMS Councils are not eligible to apply as Principal Investigators or be named as Co-Investigators **


More information on the SAMS/BAM Research Capacity Building Scheme is available here:

SAMS/BAM Research Capacity Building Scheme - further information


British Academy of Management Grant Schemes 


***Applications for the British Academy of Management and Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Small Grant Schemes 2019 are now closed***


The British Academy of Management (The Academy) runs four grants schemes.

These schemes are part of the Academy’s mission to build a thriving, pluralistic research community by supporting relevant, ethical and innovative management and business research.

  • BAM Transitions 1 Research Grant (maximum £4,000 per project)
  • BAM Transitions 2 Research Grant (maximum £4,000 per project)
  • BAM Management Knowledge and Education (MKE) Award (maximum £4,000 per project)
  • ANZAM/BAM Collaborative Research Award (maximum £6,000 per project)

The 2019 Award Holders are listed below.  Project summaries for each of the projects and Co-Investigators is available here:

BAM Grant Award Holders 2019


Transitions 1

  • Dr Susan Mawer, Liverpool John Moores University - Identify in modern management theory and practice, the ideas and concepts of the social scientist and management theorist, Mary Parker Follett (1868 - 1933)
  • Dr Constantine Manolchev, University of Exeter Business School - Investigating Job Quality and Everyday Working Lives of Highly-Skilled and Low-Skilled Migrant Workers in the UK
  • Dr Simon Moralee, The University of Manchester - The professionalisation of medical leadership: from where to what next?
  • Dr Stoyan Stoyanov, University of Bath - Identity Adaptation and Network Embeddedness among Migrant Entrepreneurs. 

Transitions 2

  • Dr Yan Wang, Nottingham Trent University - Board Diversity, Risk Disclosure and Performance in UK Higher Education Institutions
  • Dr Juliette Summers - School of Management, University of St Andrews - Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are an international, and controversial, model for local economic development
  • Dr Simon Smith, University of Winchester - Overtourism and Tourismphobia: Understanding and addressing paradoxical tensions in creating and maintaining Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11)
  • Dr Thomas Calvard, University of Edinburgh Business School  - Lived Experiences of Bisexual Employees’ Exclusion in UK Workplaces


  • Professor Carol Jarvis, Faculty of Business and Law, University of the West of England - Developing an entrepreneurial mindset: The impact of team learning
  • Dr Kate Black, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University - Inter-generational knowledge creation, curation and circulation
  • Dr Ian Stewart, Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester - Beneath the surface in experiential education – evaluation of the real costs in a large-class, international, Higher Education context


  • Dr Behzad Hezarkhani (PI), Brunel University London (UK); and Dr Sean Asian, La Trobe University (AU) - Supply Chain Collaboration among Agribusiness SMEs and Post-Brexit UK-Australia Trade
  • Dr Amanda Jasmine Williamson (PI), Waikato Management School, the University of Waikato (NZ) and Professor Martina Battisti, Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth (UK) - Entre-perception: Dynamics in national sentiment of entrepreneurship


More information on the BAM Research Grants Schemes is available here:

BAM Research Grants - further information