Collaborative Grant Schemes

Internationally collaborative research is very important and the British Academy of Management (BAM) is delighted to be able to join with sister organisations in other parts of the world in offering grants that make that happen. Each of these schemes enables a UK academic to pair with a colleague from the other nation.  BAM runs a series of grant schemes in collaboration with the following international academies and societies of management.


The Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)
  • Next round in 2021: BAM/ANZAM Collaborative Research Award (maximum £6,000 per project)
The Irish Academy of Management (IAM)
  • NEW for 2021: BAM/IAM Collaborative Research Award (maximum £4,000 or €4,500 per project)
La Società Italiana di Management (SIMA)
  • NEW for 2021: BAM/SIMA Collaborative Research Award (maximum £4,000 or €4,500 per project)

BAM/ANZAM Grant Scheme

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BAM/IAM Grant Scheme

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BAM/SIMA Grant Scheme

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