SAMS/BAM Grant Scheme 2021

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The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and the British Academy of Management (BAM) have now successfully completed two funding round for the SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme, and awarded three project grants in total.

The scheme partnership strengthens the commitment of both organisations to support management research and promote capacity building.

** There are currently no active funding rounds for this scheme**

Awarded projects:

Press release for 2020 funding round awarded projects

Press release for 2021 funding round awarded project

The SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building Grant Scheme: 

SAMS/BAM Research and Capacity Building grants are aimed at researchers who want to develop an empirical research project that: 

  • Enables capacity building by bringing together a group of researchers from at least two HE institutions, including early career as well as experienced researchers 

  • Produces novel conceptual outcomes based on rigorous, innovative use of methods and by developing original ways of thinking to address complex management problems  

  • Demonstrates the social value of management research conducted in the public interest 

Key information:

  • Duration of project between 24 months (minimum) and 36 months (maximum)
  • Principal Investigators must be based in a UK HE institution, normally in a School of Management/Business (co-Investigators may be outside the UK)
  • Principal Investigator and all Co-Investigators based in Schools of Management/Business must be BAM Members

It is envisaged that the funded project will involve researchers at two or more HE institutions in order to foster a culture of intellectual collaboration and enable capacity building. The intention of the scheme is to widen access of opportunity and increase the diversity and inclusivity of management research. Applications may address this in various ways, including by proposing an interdisciplinary research project if appropriate. Priority will be given to proposals with clear and effective publication, dissemination and impact plans. 

Principal Investigators must be based at a UK HE institution and will normally be located in a School of Management or Business. Co-Investigators may be based in HE institutions outside the UK. HE institutions will be limited to submitting one application (as host institution/Principal Investigator) in response to each annual Scheme call. 

The Principal Investigator and all Co-Investigator(s) who are based in Schools of Management or Business must be BAM Members and have active BAM membership for the duration of the project. It is a condition of award that the research findings are presented at a BAM annual conference during the funding period. 

** Current and incoming members of BAM and SAMS Councils are not eligible to apply as Principal Investigators or be named as Co-Investigators **

For any questions on the scheme, please contact the British Academy of Management Grants Administrator, Stuart Hull, at [email protected]