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BAM2013 Delegates Provide Testimonials for the Event

14th November 2013

Delegates from the BAM2013 Conference have kindly provided BAM with some testimonials from the event to encourage new delegates to attend the BAM2014 Conference.

Please read on to hear what they had to say:


  1. Excellent opportunity to communicate my research to colleagues of all levels, get feedback in a friendly and collegial way, and also find out about the latest cutting edge research other colleagues have been conducting. I really look forward to the 2014 BAM conference.
    Ioanna Iordanou, Warwick Business School
  2. That was a very good experience. Lots of inspiring moments- papers worth reading, thoughts worth listening and ideas to consider. Fantastic, friendly atmosphere.
    Milena from University of Economics in Katowice
  3. BAM Conference is a prestigious event where we can meet top quality professionals of the Academy and other organisations from every country. The review process is very respectful and it gives to the participants an opportunity to improve their papers even after the approval. It is a chance to make things better.
    Mirian Palmeira UFPR – Federal University of Parana – Brazil
  4. BAM is an excellent conference, with high quality works, friendly enviroment and great opportunities to network.
    José Marcos Mesquita, Universidade Fumec, Brazil
  5. BAM offers an excellent opportunity for networking with other peers and exchange knowledge. Very useful for academics at any stage
    Maria Socratous, Heriot Watt University
  6. This was my first BAM conference experience. There were so many positive aspects, it's difficult to select some. I especially appreciated the PDW Professional Development Workshop, how to write an effective review, especially meeting the authors was an experience: a paper is written by real humans, the review I wrote was addressed to real people and I had the opportunity to tell them my judgement into their eyes, not easy! It is different to write a review on your computer, being negative maybe impolite, but in front of the real person who wrote the paper, it all becomes different. Besides this, I appreciated my own joint presentation and the following discussion in the audience. I also was given the opportunity of being session chair, the last session on Thursday evening and had the opportunity to accept authors from South Korea who asked me the permission to present in my session, as their flight was delayed one day - instead of arriving on Wednesday they only arrived on Thursday morning and came directly from the airport to our session. We had 4 paper presentations instead of 3, shortening each presentation a bit, we had a fantastic session, making it really interesting, even though it was late and people tired after the wonderful Gala Dinner in the Anglican Church and dancing to the Beatles.
    Dr Ursula Schinzel, United Business Institutes Luxembourg
  7. A wonderful introduction to these conferences as a first time delegate. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with those just starting out in their field of research to seasoned academics who are great to glean advice from.
  8. BAM has excellent networking strategies and it is poised to reposition management approach globally.

  9. An excellent conference for gaining constructive feedback. Feel like you are part of a supportive academic community working together to make a difference
  10. BAM 2013 Conference as others was friendly, supportive, helpful, diverse and scholarly.
  11. BAM Conference is the exchange of opinions, ideas and knowledge, extremely useful meeting and communication, collaborative projects and future joint research and publications
  12. BAM in 2013 in Liverpool, I had very interesting moments. I met new colleagues and I could reconnect with friends from Brazil. The talks contributed to my learning. I hope to soon join again!
    Danilo Sampaio (Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Head of Department of Administration and Professor of Marketing)
  13. Enthusiasm and high professionalism of organizers and tracks chairs, diversity of directions of management research, and interesting reports and papers with different formats.
  14. Extremely rewarding experience, must for every researcher.
    Shagufta Sarwar (Swansea University)
  15. Great talks, people, organization and location.

  16. I believe the conference was a valuable experience for doctoral students / early researchers.
    Costas Photiou, Newcastle University Business School and Grenoble Ecole De management
  17. I very much enjoy the BAM style perhaps best described as 'relaxed professionalism'. The BAM management team do an excellent job every year. Many thanks for an enjoyable and productive experience!
    Prof David Coldwell School of Economic and Management Sciences University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg
  18. In terms of organization, the attitude of the management, coupled with how the support staff went about their duties, I can confirm that this the best conference I have attended since becoming an academic
    Dr. Damoah Obi Berko, first time BAMER, University of Ghana Business School, Legon, Accra, Ghana.
  19. In the last three years, I have been attended various international conferences. Surely, the BAM 2013 conference was one of the best ones.
  20. The climate at the BAM Conference 2013 was very good. People were friendly, enthusiastic about their research, and very including. Comments at presentations were very constructive

  21. The conference was a lot bigger than I imagined, generating a real buzz and excitement across the three days.
Posted by Joe Campbell - 
British Academy of Management

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