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BAM2015 Testimonials

15th October 2015

Delegates from the BAM2015 Conference have kindly provided BAM with some testimonials from the event to encourage new delegates to attend the BAM2016 Conference in Newcastle.

Please read on for BAM2015 Testimonials

BAM2015 Testimonials

  1.  "An excellent opportunity to discuss research with like-minded people who are always willing to offer constructive feedback of the highest order. Hierachy is ignored at BAM and offers all participants an equal welcome" - Gary Connor, Coventry University

  2. ."This was one of the friendliest conferences I have attended in years. Well done to Portsmouth Business School and BAM" - Jeff Gold, Leeds Beckett University

  3. "My first attendance at BAM, and hope it is not the last! Looking forward to repeating the experience in Newcastle" - Susana Pasamar, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

  4.  "Enjoyable BAM Conference, bring on 2016!" - Anon

  5. "This is the place where you meet potential networks for your future research project" - Azian Madun, University of Malaya

  6. "The BAM Conference offers the size, challenge and critique that you need as a academic" - Anon

  7. "This was my first time at BAM. I had heard mixed reviews of earlier events from colleagues - and was pleasantly surprised! I found it interesting and stimulating, as it accomodated a wide range of different topics and approaches, so I am now looking for opportunities to get more involved" - Anon

  8. "A vibrant and lively Conference with high quality in terms of papers, projects and research!" - Alessandro Merendino, Coventry University

  9. "Mats Alvesson was brilliant" - Anon

  10. "BAM2015 gave me an opportunity to know more about the developments taking place in my area of research wihin a short period. It also offered me an opportunity to network with people from all over the world. Last but not least it gave me a rare chance to meet renowned authors and journal editors in my area of study" - Tiyesere Mercy Chikapa, Commonwealth Scholar, University of Manchester

  11. "This was my first BAM conference and I would definitely recommend it" - Anon

  12. "This was a very excellent experience. The conference has given me much more confidence going forward as a PhD student. I would recommend it to anybody who is in their early stages of their research career" - Anon

  13. " I find the BAM conference a stimulating if not tiring event which offers the opportunity to integrate with similarly minded people. It offers the opportunity to socially and intellectually mix with a range of academics and in some cases practitioners within specialist fields. The diversity of the work is presented is inspirational" - Lesley Mearns, Sunderland Business School.

  14. "The BAM staff are courteous and supportive" - Anon

  15. "We always enjoy attending the BAM conference. It is scholarly, efficiently run and friendly. I and my colleagues from the University of Wiwatersand in Johannesburg look forward to contributing to next year's scheduled conference in Newcastle" - David Coldwell, University of Wiwatersand

  16. "The BAM2015 Conference offers the best experience in the country" - Noorhasyimah Ismail, Brunel University, London

  17. "It is an invaluable experience for me to present my work, and meet other people discussing interesting topics in the area of management science. I wish all the best to BAM and look forward to participating in the conference next year" - Zheng Xu, Lancaster University Management School

  18. "As a new member of BAM this year, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed BAM2015 in Portsmouth. It was an excellent conference, where I had the opportunity to present and discuss my research and get valuable feedback. Very friendly atmosphere, very informative workshops/sessions and a good level of presentations. The sessions offered me interesting new perspectives, that opened me up to future research possibilities" - Saddam Hussain, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan

  19. "This was my first BAM conference and it was highly recommended by my other colleagues who had attended in previous years. I too will recommend attending the BAM conference to the new cohort of PhD students in The York Management School" - Bharati Singh, York Management School

  20. "I attended BAM for the first time in 2015 and found it incredibly friendly and engaging. I have had very high quality feedback on my work throughout the review process and at the conference; this has given me some great ideas for my research. I feel as though I have found a very nice fit with this group and look forward to future BAM conferences" - Melanie Bryant, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

  21. "It was a fantastic opportunity to step out of your desk and get a feel of the academic world. Presenting and discussing your own research not only boosts your morale but provides you confidence. I had grabbed many points to further workout for my research journey. BAM team does need applause for all the hard work to make this event work" - Sammar Javed, University of Huddersfield.

  22. "The BAM conference was a refreshing experience and left me inspired and motivated. It was the first time I attended the BAM conference and I am glad I did - I was almost disappointed when it was over! I look forward to more BAM events and conferences" - Gaurish Chawla, Durham University.

  23. "A timely, welcoming and intellectually refreshing conference" - Anon

  24. "The Portsmouth BAM conference, 8-10 September was my third BAM conference after Belfast and Liverpool. After the Titantic Museum in Belfast and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, it was difficult to top the event location. However, the Guild Hall was a fantastic venue, dinner was excellent and dancing just absolutely perfect. A big thank you to Monika and the team for organising this great event. Besides the Gala Dinner, the SIG dinner and private events, conference sessions were an ideal location for academic exchange among professionals. Giving feedback and receiving feedback in a relaxed but professional way is key for the success of the BAM conference. The animated discussions in the various sessions I chaired or presented are testimonies for this excellent exchange of ideas and bringing research further, receiving input for further research ideas and ideas. Bravo, congratulations for an excellent conference, especially the weather! See you all in Newcastle in 2016" - Ursula Schinzel, United Business Institutes

  25. "A fantastic conference which presents many opportunities for collaboration' - Kevin D Tennent, University of York.

  26. "Useful, friendly conference. Thank you and well done" - Anon

  27. "BAM is an excellent conference for PhD students to get detailed feedback on their research" - Anon

  28. "BAM is a place where you can meet the best minds in the world without an appointment. It could be that the best mind could be sitting next to you, conversing with in an engaged manner, providing feedbacks and you only realise when he/she has left. A great place to be in to improve, test, discuss, debate your existing knowledge and take it to the next level" - Anisuddin Gabbur, University of Bradford.

  29. "It was a great learning experience attending BAM2015" - Prerna Bansal, New York Institute of Technology.

  30. "BAM is certainly one of the best conferences carried out in Europe, and possibly all over the world. Papers, sessions, organization and possibilities to network with other researchers is expectional. Overall, a must see and must-participate for everyone in management" - Tomasz Ingram, University of Ecomonics in Katowice, Poland

  31. "BAM conference is an intellectually learningful event. Every year I attend, I can learn something for my research and teaching career. To me, this is one of the fastest way of learning and development for busy academics. I wish universities would invest more for academics to professionally develop through this type of academic event" - Hong Bui, University of Southampton

  32. "BAM is quite inspiring, engaging and educative" - Anon

  33. "This conference not only met, but exceeded all my expectations. The amount and quality of information that I gained - especially during the developmental paper and full-paper sessions will irrefutably support me in better research design and implementation. Getting first hand advices for great Gurus in my discipline and opportunity to build networks were really something that I would treasure and chrish throughout my PhD journey" - Amizan Omar, Brunel University, London

  34. "Very good conference experience overall" - Anon

  35. "I think BAM conference opens up wider opportunities for future researchers to effectively communicate, network, benefit and learn from experts around the world. A place to be for those who seek knowledge. I look forward to be part of the good idea next year" - Leonard Ngwa N - University of Wales.

  36. "Great location and some very interesting conversations. Loved the gentle but sharp dissection by the keynote speaker Prof Alvesson. How did we allow this to happen to a supposedly evidence based and grounded open minded community? Because we allowed it" - Keith Thomas, Victoria University

  37. "BAM2015 Conference in Portsmouth was very good. Thank you to the Conference Organizers, University of Portsmouth, BAM, SIG Track Chairs, BAM Office personnel in London, authors of papers, and the volunteers from the University of Portsmouth for the successful execution of BAM2015!" - Donna Knowles, University of Kent

  38. "I found the BAM2015 Conference to be beneficial because of the engaged and informed discussion in our interest group (Identity). Also I found the papers to be highly interesting both in terms of research questions and contexts" - Mathew Sheep, Illinois State University

  39. "Very impressed - would definitely go again" - Anon

  40. "BAM conference has been an excellent opportunity for me to familarise myself with the British Higher Education world and its culture of exchanging knowledge!" - Anon

  41. "An innovative, exciting event" - Anon

  42. "This is certainly an inspiring opportunity for doctoral students" - Anon

  43. "I am so grateful to the senior academics for sacrificing their time and money to be at the BAM conference and share their invaluable  and of course, the wonderful BAM eam for putting an excellent conference together. I was amazed with how the senior academics interacted with the junior doctoral students and how willing they are to provide useful feedback and share their resources/ You made me feel valued!" - Anon

  44. " A multidisciplinary event, very well organised and a great opportunity to present papers, discuss ideas, receive feedback and network with experts in your fields of interest in a colegial and conducive environment" - Anon

Posted by Lewis Johnson - 
British Academy of Management

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