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19th October 2017

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Introduction from the New OLSCM SIG Chair, Dr. Manish Shukla

6th February 2017

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great start of the New Year 2017. I also hope that, like me, most of you are still finding it difficult to believe that January is already over.

As most of you may know and might have noticed that I have now officially taken over the charge as the Chair of the SIG. This is a great opportunity, privilege, as well as responsibility for me. I would like to thank the selection committee from the bottom of my heart for believing in me. I would also like to thank the SIG committee, all the SIG members and the BAM community. My special thanks to Claire and her team for all the hard work she has done to bring our SIG to the present state.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome my team including the new committee members who have taken over the various responsibilities of the SIG. I would also like to especially mention and welcome our PhD representative who have shown interest and leadership skills to work for the SIG at this critical stage of their career.

A brief about me- my name is Manish (Maa…nee…sshhh). I am currently working as a Lecturer of Operations Management in Durham University Business School (DUBS), Durham University, UK. I teach MS and MBA modules and my research interests are in the area of Food Supply Chains and Sustainability. Prior to joining DUBS, I have worked with MIT-Global Scale Network-Malaysia, Cornell University-USA, and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode- India.

I have a very strong belief that Operations and Supply Chain is not just another subject or discipline rather it is an art of living. It not only teaches us ways to excel in business but it shows us the way to manage our relationships and ourselves. I believe that Operations Management teaches us that a lot of things are within our control and we can continuously improve ourselves. On the other hand Supply Chain Management teaches us to speak the truth, share information and incentives with friends, and that there can be win-win relationships. It talks about connecting people, sharing ideas, and making things happen. Thus, I believe that it is the Supply Chains that made the world-flat.

The social, political, and environmental scenarios around us are changing very fast and impacting the businesses and thus the supply chains. I have no idea what it will be but have an imagination that to survive in the future, supply chains should have the following qualities as defined by the two great legends:

  • Adaptive (You must be shapeless, formless, like water- Bruce Lee)
  • Agile (Float like a butterfly sting like a bee- Muhammad Ali)

We as the community of OLSCM researchers have the great responsibilities to continuously strive to innovate the supply chains to meet the emerging needs. I hope that we will be able to leverage the OLSCM SIG to address the challenges and to foster new research collaboration. Thus, I request your active participation, initiatives, and ideas to build this into a dynamic and living society of OSLCM researchers.

Thank You

Kind Regards
Manish Shukla

Posted by Lewis Johnson - 
British Academy of Management

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