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19th October 2017

19th October 2017

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Newly Minted Scholars Honored With Clark Student Research and Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Awards

15th March 2017

Read about last year's winners of the Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award and the Fredric M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award. 

Then, if applicable, consider applying for the 2017 awards yourself!  The deadline is 1 May 2017 and links to details are avaiable at the end of the article above or by visiting, and following the links in the calendar at the bottom of the page. 

Winner will receive $1,000 plus a travel and lodging stipend to present their work at Leadership in Turbulent Times, the 19th Annual ILA Global Conference, 12-15 October at The Square Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium.  Learn more at


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