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19th October 2017

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Announcement on BAM Academy Manager

10th May 2017

Monika Narvydaite recently informed the Executive team that she will be standing down from the post of Academy Manager with effect from the 20th of May. Monika's contribution to the developments of BAM during her almost 10 years of service has been immense, multi-faceted and sometimes unseen by the wider BAM community. Her legacy includes very significant contributions to a much enhanced conference in terms of quality and scope, membership events now taking place weekly across the year, a strong collegial culture in the office, substantially increased membership and much more effective and efficient office processes. I know that the Executive have already expressed their profound thanks to Monika for all that she has contributed both to us individually and to the BAM community and offer Monika all of our best wishes in the next phase of her life and career that I understand will be outside the UK. On a personal note, I will miss Monika’s advice, ability to cope in any situation, sense of humour and comradeship. It is a real loss for us, but Monika has made a magnificent contribution and we are all grateful.

Professor Nic Beech, Chair of BAM

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