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New Book - Rural Marketing

11th October 2017

 This is to announce the publication of my new book published by Sage. Given below is the TOC and list of case studies in it.

Rural Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities
Sage Publishers, ISBN: 97893 86062765

Chapter Plan

Part I The Rural Market

Chapter 1 Introduction to Rural Marketing
Nature, Definition, Scope, Importance.
Characteristics of Rural markets, Taxonomy of Rural markets, Changing patterns,
Attractiveness of Rural markets, problems and constraints

Chapter 2 The Rural Market
Size & structure, Segmentation of Indian rural market. The rural economy
Rural and Urban Markets
Socio-economic-cultural factors, population, occupation
Literacy level, land distribution & use, infrastructure, communication and media, financial inclusion and credit availability

Chapter 3 The Rural Consumer
Profile of the rural consumer
Rural Segments, Consumption Patterns
Rural Consumer Behaviour
Rural shopping habits, changes in consumption, growing consumerism

Part II: Rural Marketing Strategy

Chapter 4 Rural Marketing Strategy
Product Strategy, Product mix decisions, Rural Branding, Product Life Cycle
Pricing in Rural Markets
Promotion in rural markets, Use of Media in rural markets, Rural communication mix, Media and Creative Strategies
Personal selling in rural areas
Advent of CSR and Social Business

Chapter 5 Principles of Marketing with rural examples
Product and Service Marketing in Rural India
Rural Marketing Mix: Product Planning, Innovation
New Product Development for Rural Markets, Brand Management in Rural Market and
communication media & message, Marketing Strategies & Tactics with reference to rural markets: FMCGs, Consumer Durables, Services, Agricultural Inputs,
Rural Marketing research
Rural Market Mapping Rural Market Index: Thompson index.
Market research with reference to seeds, fertilizers, farm equipments, new techniques, agricultural output & other services

Chapter 6 Distribution channels for rural areas
Distribution methods in rural markets
Characteristics of rural channels
Channel management in rural markets
Managing physical distribution in rural markets - Storage, warehousing and transportation.
Rural Retail Channel Management, Role of SHGs

Chapter 7 Pricing and Marketing Communication in Rural Markets
Pricing Strategies for rural markets
Promotion as a component in marketing communication - Advertising and sales promotion for rural markets - Major challenges in Media planning - Sales force management in rural markets - Selecting the Media Mix - Evaluation of promotional activities.

Part III: Marketing for Rural Areas

Chapter 8 Agri Business Agr Credit Crop Insurance, Agr Credit Policy
Marketing of agricultural inputs to villages
Agricultural inputs – Fertilizers, agro chemicals, seeds, cattle, poultry, tractors, power tillers, irrigation equipments, farm machinery.
Selling of services in villages
Rural Marketing Initiatives - Project Shakti, Project Haryali, Amul,
Haats, melas, mobile traders

Chapter 9 Marketing of Agricultural Produce
Agricultural Outputs – Agriculture Marketing & its Economic importance,
Agricultural Produce and their markets
Export potential for agri-products
Government and Non-Govt. Agencies in Rural and Agriculture Sector Marketing, NAFED, HAFED, CACP
Trends in Agricultural Marketing
Value Addition Strategies: Agro processing and food processing sector in India
Problems in Agricultural Marketing, APMC act, APEDA, AGMARK
Agents and Marketing Agencies, Commodity markets and trading
Rural Industry: Marketing for rural industry, cottage industry, artisan products.
Cooperative Rural marketing & Processing societies.

Chapter 10 Role of IT in Rural Marketing
E-marketing in rural market
Initiatives by Google and Facebook
e-Choupal Model of ITC, IT for Sustainable Rural Development
Corporate Sector in Agri-business: Cultivation, Processing & Retailing Organized Rural Retailing

Chapter 11: Management of Sales Force in Rural Marketing
HR aspects in rural marketing
Sales methodology
Training, recruitment, organization, compensation of rural sales force

Chapter 12: Future of rural marketing
Innovation in products and methods
Micro Credit
Inclusive Growth
Role of govt and Rural Development Schemes
Initiatives of NGOs and Companies
Bottom of the Pyramid Approach
Problems of sustainability – pollution, infrastructure, education and income

Table: List of case studies covered in the book
Companies that have gone beyond business objectives and incorporated social objectives in their purpose. All these have been covered in this book.
Company/brand Business Social objectives
Alibaba Online portal Organising villages in China to become producer communities
Amul Milk and milk products Organising milk co-operatives, helping farmers with livestock and to get higher milk prices
Aravind/Nirmalaya Healthcare Providing world class health care while reducing cost, village outreach
Bandhan Bank Banking Providing micro-credit; organising village thrift societies
Bata Footwear Providing low cost footwear byreducing factory cost, helping village women to set up distribution business
Bolthouse Farms Fruits and vegetables Encouraging the habit of healthy snacks
Cafe Feminino Coffee growing Establishes high trade standards for coffee and other products. Introduces “Fairtrade” - certifying companies that pay producers a living wage and meet other social and environmental standards
Essilor Eye care Providing villagers eye care and spectacles at low cost
Fabindia Apparel, furnishings, health products Organising artisan communities and get better prices for their products
General Electric (GE) Machines for medical diagnosis Re-inventing machines to make them cheaper and portable for rural areas
Google Digital Services Internet penetration in villages, capacity building
Grameen Bank/Bandhan Bank/Grameen Phone Banking/Telecom services Organising people for microfinance/Cheap telecom services to villages in Bangladesh
HUL FMCG, Consumer Products Helping villagers set up distribution business; educating about hygiene and changing habits; mobile based entertainment for remote villages
ITC FMCG, Consumer Products Providing information and trading portal through IT choupals
Jain Irrigation Irrigation and drip irrigation equipment Buy back of farmer produce, arranging financing and government subsidies for them
Jaipur Rugs Carpets and rugs Training local artisans and empowering them
Kiva/Rangde Crowd-sourcing Providing funding for small businesses in villages through crowd-funding
Mitticool Refrigerator and appliances Low cost appliances that do not work on electricity
Novartis Medicines Providing healthcare and branded medicines to villages
Pepsi Potato chips and snacks Introduced new varieties, help and educate farmers, buy back of produce at good prices
Reliance Fresh Retail Farm to fork distribution, sourcing directly from villages
SELCO Solar lighting Providing cheap lighting solutions to villages
Tata Tea Branded tea Helping villagers set up distribution business
Usha Sewing machines Helping women to start stitching business through sewing schools in villages


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