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BAM2017 Testimonials

31st October 2017

BAM2017 Testimonials

Delegates who attended the Conference at the University of Warwick have been kind enough to provide testimonials. We hope to see many of you at the BAM2018 Conference at the University of the West of England.

Please read below for the BAM2017 testimonials. 


  • "This is the second time to BAM, and I enjoyed every moment there. I like BAM’s openness and am looking forward to participating more events in the near future”
    Dr Zheng Xu, Lancaster University


  • “Inspirational, exciting and thought-provoking”
  • “I really enjoyed BAM2017 – two days of listening, discussing and presenting in a friendly and supportive environment. I thought that the developmental paper sessions were particularly stimulating, helped by a very engaged SIG in public sector management”
    Romano Dyerson, Royal Holloway University of London
  • “An extremely interesting conference and great networking opportunity”
    Paul Hemphill, Open University
  • “As an annual attendee, I found this conference maintained it’s international acclaim to be one of the finest of its type in the world. The prestige of Warwick University and the excellence of the location added spice to a very enjoyable, efficiently run and scholarly experience”
    Professor David Coldwell, University of the Witwatersrand
  • “The conference was extremely well run and the range and scope of papers were very informative and elicited meaningful debate among delegates. The opportunities to network were also well structured throughout the conference”
  • “Open and lively academic beacon event drawing leaders just like you to the cutting edge, buzzing, worldwide academic management community”
  • “It was really interesting for me, the conference exposed me to a lot of things academically and otherwise. BAM is a community to belong to and am proud to be part of this community”
  • “The BAM conference is an amazing event to attend especially if you were a PhD student who have known the major researchers (giants) only by name. This conference will give you the chance to meet these giants in person and event get feedback directly from them if you were lucky enough!”
    Rawan Ghazzawi, Tilburg University

  • “I especially liked to on-campus accommodation. This was different to the hotels where I was at other previous conferences. Warwick University offers a wide range of activities that I enjoyed very much, besides the conference on its own. It was convenient to be living close to the conference venues, on campus. Wifi was perfect, access to supermarkets, sports centre all perfect, and the conference venues, conference rooms were modern. I liked the PDWs and the discussions, the possibility to discuss my newest papers with specialists, in small groups. All in all, it was a very useful, successful conference, allowing for great professional discussions in small and bigger groups, meeting with old and new participants, and there was enough time for networking. The conference Gala Dinner was fantastic, in Coventry Cathedral, food was great, I only missed the dance. Next year we should have the opportunity to dance again, like in previous years”
    Dr Ursula Schinzel, Luxembourg
  • “BAM2017 conference will remain a memorable event”
  • “BAM2017 Conference offers an inclusive environment for doctoral students and early career academics to network and present their work”
    Dr Minjie Cai, University of Buckingham

  • “Warwick 2017 was an exciting, thought-provoking and thrilling BAM conference”

  • “This is the first time I attended the annual BAM conference, I really enjoyed everything about it; meeting new people, getting supportive feedback about my work, listening to work from others from different disciplines, and attending workshops and lectures. I was able to collect valuable insights and ideas for my research and future practice”
    Fatima Abdallah, Staffordshire University
  • “Very well organised conference, welcoming, interesting and very useful. It was definitely a great conference”
    Rabake Nana, University of Huddersfield

  • “A reputable conference that exceeded my expectation. I had a pleasant surprise as a new attendee and currently looking forward to attending again. Thanks for the opportunity to share my work and I got very useful feedback”
  • “I am happy with the BAM2017 conference for the opportunity it provided to interact and network with SIG and other BAM members”
  • “The conference was terrific and very educational. My mind is just reeling with great ideas. The content was relevant and the exhibit hall exceeded my expectations”
  • “I gained a lot by attending BAM2017 conference where I received good feedback for my research work. I felt motivated, challenged and encouraged to complete the work I had started because I was able to meet some key researchers in my area of study. Thank you for this opportunity”


Posted by Lewis Johnson - 
British Academy of Management

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