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BAM2017 Doctoral Symposium Feedback Report

27th November 2017

The BAM2017 Doctoral Symposium was held on the 4th September 2017 at The Oculus Bulding, University of Warwick attracting 168 delegates from 14 countries. 

The overall satisfaction with the Doctoral Symposium was positive. This is reflected in the high scores in all aspects of the organisation, the website and the usefulness of the event. 42% of delegates scored the likelihood that they would recommend the event to a colleague and 67% reported that they learned something new at the Symposium.

The satisfaction with the content of the Symposium is higher than the previous four years, and, this year, the networking aspect scored highest.

Of the 168 delegates that attended the symposium, 46 delegates (27%) have been kind enough to provide BAM with their feedback of the event.

The feedback has been positive; however there are certain areas which BAM needs to look to improve on.


  • 65% of delegates had not attended a BAM Doctoral Symposium before
  • 60% expressed their intention in attending a future symposium and 28% were a maybe
  • 42% of delegates scored the likelihood of recommending the BAM DoctoralSymposium
  • 66% of the delegates were full time students and 34%-part time students
  • 64% of delegates were female, 36% weremale.
  • 48% will continue with their BAM membership after they complete their PhD, 37% will continue their membership if they are in an academic job, and 11% were notsure.


  • Satisfaction with all aspects of administration scored over 4 (good – excellent)
  • Catering at the Doctoral Symposium scored an average of 3.7 and the Dinner scored an average of 3.6 – all other aspects ranked above 4.
  • Poster Presentations session needs to be retailored. Poster presenters argued that there was not enough time during the breaks to engage in complex conversations, as most delegates chose to network amongst each other.
  • Delegates believed that they learnt something new at the Symposium and learnt new skills as academic researchers (both scoring a mean average of 4).
  • Delegates criticized the lack of variety in food at the symposium and would prefer more healthier
  • The Fellows plenary was considered useful and informative and scored over 4 (Good-Excellent)


  • Ensure emails are sent earlier in advance such as programme information
  • Emails to inform delegates about whether their paper has been accepted needs to be communicated clearer to delegates.
  • Some of the workshops were too long and some could be cut down to an hour
  • Tutors should be selected considering the papers specialization.
  • BAM could implement a ‘buddying’ system of first year students and final year students to discuss past experiences on research
  • Delegates feel the symposium would benefit from a careers choice session and reviewing.
  • Delegate lists need to be emailed to students



Posted by Lewis Johnson - 
British Academy of Management

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