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New Book: Methodological Challenges and Advances in Managerial and Organizational Cognition

30th November 2017

Edited by Robert J. Galavan, Kristian J. Sund, & Gerard P. Hodgkinson

This book explores the methodological frontiers of managerial and organizational cognition (MOC), an exciting and diverse interdisciplinary body of work that began some six decades ago with the publication in 1958 of James G. March and Herbert A. Simon’s classic work Organizations. The world has changed markedly over the years and so, too, have the methods available to MOC researchers. Much of the early work in MOC was predicated on bounded rationality conceptions of actors as limited capacity information processing systems. These models of human cognition predated the rise of dual-process theories, implicit attitude tests, and the growing recognition of the significant role that affect – or hot cognition – plays in the workplace.

It is timely, therefore, to examine the extent to which methods that were foundational to the development of MOC are still fit for purpose. To this end, the chapters assembled in this book were commissioned from scholars who are working at the cutting edge of the field’s methodological advances, each of whom in varying ways are calling into question a number of its cherished assumptions and research practices. Some chapters revisit and update methods that were foundational to the development of the field, such as causal mapping and the repertory grid. Other chapters explore emerging techniques that were unheard of in the formative period of MOC, such as fMRI and related methodological advances in social neuroscience.

The book is available now from Emerald Publising. ISBN 978-1787436770 £65

Posted by Kristian J. Sund - 
Roskilde University

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