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New Book: "Leadership Theory and Research: A Critical Approach to New and Existing Paradigms"

1st December 2017

Leadership Theory and Research: A Critical Approach to New and Existing Paradigms

By Dr Christian Harrison

Leadership is a phenomenon observed in all organised human groups. However research has shown that it is one of the least understood phenomena on earth. The number of published research studies in the field of leadership is vast and spans several decades. Nevertheless, despite such a large body of scholarship, leadership still remains an elusive concept.

This book provides a comprehensive literature review on leadership. The aim is to provide a critical insight into leadership research. Emerging paradigms and theories of new approaches to leadership are identified and addressed. Though there have been books that examined leadership theories and approaches, these writers do not take a critical view of the different leadership perspectives. In this age of globalisation and increased competition, there is a need for individuals to use the most effective leadership approach. This book has established that leadership is an under-developed phenomenon, for which no unified theory currently exists. Previous leadership books have traditionally focused narrowly on a limited set of elements by highlighting the leader while overlooking relevant elements of leadership. This book takes a holistic view of the phenomenon.

This book will enable students (undergraduate and postgraduate), scholars, practitioners, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to learn more about the concept of leadership. They will be able to display critical awareness of current developments in both the theory and practice of leadership and its importance in modern organisations. This critical reflection will be instrumental in meeting the leadership development needs of 21st century graduates as well as identifying potential sources of development.

Most books on leadership tend to be monographs which are quite lengthy and monotonous. Such monographs do not encourage readers especially students and practitioners. Readers are looking for a book that is easy to read and provides a detailed summary of the approaches to leadership. This book offers the solution and a good snap shot on leadership. The book is not only for scholars but also for practitioners, students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and policy makers.

ISBN 978-3-319-68671-4 (Hard copy)  ISBN 978-3-319-68672-1 (eBook)



Posted by Dr Christian Harrison - 
University of the West of Scotland

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