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British Academy of Management 2016 Annual Review

22nd December 2017

This has been a record-breaking year for BAM. Our annual conference had the highest attendance in our 30 year history with nearly 900 delegates from 46 countries, with 35% of the delegates outside the UK. In addition, we had the highest number of doctoral students attending, over 175, again from a large number of countries. Our membership has grown again this year to over 2000 members, and the SIG events during the year reaching a record of over 40 events throughout 2016, as well as 3 MKE events. As you all know, we developed a Companionship category of award and I am pleased to report that the following leaders were honoured: Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD; Ann Francke, CEO of the CMI; Frances O’Grady , Secretary General of the TUC; Paul Adler, President of the Academy of Management; Margaret Linehan, Chair of the Irish Academy of Management; Martin Grimmer, Past President of Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management and Sir Paul Judge, President of the Associaion of MBAs. I was particularly proud to see that our two journals had increased their impact factors significantly, with IJMR with an impact factor of 4.854 (now one of the leading management journals globally) and BJM of 2.188.

I am also pleased to report our relationships with the CIPD and the CMI are growing in strength and depth, as we work closely with them in joint research and policy areas. This also applies to our relationship with CABS, where during this year we will be meeting with them and developing closer links in terms of policy issues and collaborations. In addition, The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work, comprised of 22 major employers has asked the CEOs/heads of BAM, CIPD, CMI and CABS to come together to look at the issue of line managers and their role in the health and wellbeing of employees in mid-February, which will be a good opportunity to think through the role of management education in the UK—I look forward to chairing that meeting. And finally, the Fellows group is making real progress in supporting and enhancing the image of BAM in a variety of contexts, and is more active than ever before in promoting management education and research.

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Posted by Lewis Johnson - 
British Academy of Managment

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