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1st CML Symposium Announced

7th February 2018

The CML, Centre for Management Learning at Surrey Business School will host its 1st Symposium on the 14th of July 2018, at the University of Surrey. 

The Symposium theme is Management Educator – Back to the Future.

CML invites submissions for two categories: Management Educator – Poetry & Management Educator – Exhibition. 

Management Educator – Poetry

The intention of Management Educator Poetry is to create an opportunity for individuals in management education to share their view on the role of the management educator in the past, present and future. Presenters can submit poems, essays, comedy or provocation to debate items. A long reference list should be included in the submission. Any item should not exceed 2000 words or 10 minutes in reading.

Accepted submissions will be published online in CML Symposium Proceedings: Management Educator Vol 1/ 2018.

Deadline for submissions is on Monday 30 April – please submit to

Management Educator – Exhibition

The intention of Management Educator Exhibition is to reflect our own understanding of management educators in the past, present and future in an abstract manner. Submissions can include: photographs, portraits, paintings, drawings, 3D sculptures, video installations or alike. These can express feelings, moods, actions, behaviour and so on, but should provoke debate around the theme. Any artefact should be accompanied by a short abstract of no more than 200 words.

Deadline for submissions is on Monday 30 April – please submit to

Please click here for more information on the event and submission deadlines and criteria.


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