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Message from the CEO, Madeleine Barrows

13th June 2018

Since joining BAM in January this year as its first CEO, I have been discussing our exciting plans for the future with BAM’s Executive Committee, which is its Board of Trustees and Directors. In April we held an away day in Coventry to look at our strategy, which we have since been sharing with Council, and I’d like to share some of the highlights with you here as the future is very exciting. But first, I must say a big ‘thank you’ to the BAM community for making me so welcome! I have spent the major part of my career working in and with learned societies, most recently as Assistant Director at the Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science. I am delighted to find in BAM such an energetic and passionate community putting on a wonderful array of events and activities. Our strategy as BAM’s executive team is to support that work and ensure that BAM is at both the heart and the forefront of management research and scholarship internationally.

During the away day we reflected on BAM’s vision and purpose. We agreed that BAM is a high quality and welcoming scholarly community – helping to develop capacity, connections and outcomes for our members and partners. We noted that we operate at the highest international standards in facilitating research, scholarship, and engagement in our community. We agreed that we aim to be highly internationally networked with sister Learned societies and Professional organisations. And our ambition is to be the ‘go to’ source of evidence, research and scholarship for policy makers and practitioners in the UK and beyond.

To this end we are working hard on a number of strategic developments. I will just point to a few:

  1. We have established a policy function in BAM so that we can get the insights and evidence from excellent management research into the hands of those who make policy. Read more about that work below and also in the recent issue of People Management magazine.
  2. We have also had various positive meetings with senior level representatives – including the new CEO - of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), now part of UK Research and Innovation in order to explore ways in which BAM and research funders can work together.
  3. We are also very pleased to see our established and highly respected journals – BMJ and IJMR – increasing both in impact and popularity, and I’d like to alert you to forthcoming vacancies for new Editors-in-Chief for both journals from 2020. We will be beginning the search process soon.
  4. Our events are a real jewel in BAM’s crown and we are looking to develop some of these impressive suites of activity further so that BAM can better serve the community. I am working with BAM’s loyal office team so that it can better support the work of our SIGs and volunteers as well as our new initiatives; this process will be ongoing as we develop and grow further.
  5. We are also working hard on collaborating with our sister organisations, both in UK and across the globe, to further research in a variety of different ways including research projects and possible grant support.
  6. Other streams of activity to look out for over the coming months and years are BAM setting the agenda in Management Knowledge and Education (MKE) and a new International Community, the BAM Continental Network, based initially in Germany.

Our main conference this year – at Bristol Business School 4-6th September - will be transformational with keynotes from many high-level figures from business and policy as well as the management research and scholarship community. Do take a look at the website, if you are not yet registered and also see the exciting opportunity to dine and dance beneath the wings of the iconic supersonic jet Concorde and to hear broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby in conversation with Michael Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury Festival.

Finally, can I draw your attention to our current election for the next Chair of BAM; all paid-up members of BAM are entitled to vote and should have received an email with instructions on how to access the voting system. If you have recently joined then you will shortly receive a reminder email with your personal, one-time link. It is good to see that we have two well-known management scholars who have put themselves forward for this role: Professor Yehuda Baruch, of Southampton Business School, and Professor Katy Mason, of Lancaster University Management School. In the meantime, I am delighted to let you all know that Professor Nic Beech – our current Chair – has been elected unopposed to the role of President from 2019. And details will be coming out soon about elections for BAM’s Council too.

BAM’s Work in the Policy Arena

In early-2018 BAM introduced a new policy function with Dr Ashley Thomas Lenihan as Head of Policy & Engagement. She is also a Senior Policy Advisor to the Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science, a Fellow at the Centre for International Studies at the London School of Economics, and a term member of the US Council on Foreign Relations. Her personal research focuses on foreign direct investment and national security, as well as the relationship between research evidence and policy-making.

Dr Lenihan will be working with the Executive and consulting with the College of Fellows, and tapping into the expertise within our SIGs, to craft written submissions on behalf of BAM to appropriate parliamentary inquiries and government consultations as they arise. Each month, she will also publicize opportunities for Fellows to make their own individual submissions to consultations and inquiries. For Fellows interested in making individual submissions, she will help upon request with editing these with an eye to policy-facing language and impact. She is also working on a longer-term program of engagement with the policy community.

In May, BAM successfully made its first submission to the Department for Education’s consultation on the Subject-level Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF). We are deeply indebted to Lisa Anderson’s invaluable work on this submission. In March and April, the policy team also assisted with two individual submissions to the House of Commons’ Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee’s inquiry on small businesses and productivity by BAM Fellows (Richard Thorpe and Mike Wright). We have also submitted evidence regarding the importance of overseas scholars to the UK scientific community to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s current Inquiry on ‘An Immigration System that Works for Science and Innovation’. This evidence has now been published and is available on the Committee’s website here.

In order to help ensure that Dr Lenihan is reaching out to those Fellows interested in policy engagement and impact, we will send out a survey to the Fellows College in the coming months. This will ask about your expertise and desire to engage in various ways. Please respond so that we can make this a successful project for both you and BAM in the future!

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