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RAE presents a special edition about Food Studies

15th June 2018

The new edition of RAE-Revista de Administração de Empresas (Journal of Business Management), published by FGV Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP), presents a special issue with articles of the international forum “The eating business: Entrepreneurship and cultural politics”, organized by Marina Heck (FGV EAESP, Brazil), Jeffrey Pilcher (University of Toronto, Canada), Krishnendu Ray (New York University, USA) and Eliane Brito (FGV EAESP, Brazil).

Marina Heck states that not only food production and consumption have a significant economic impact, but also that its social, cultural land symbolic aspects should be studied, which are essential for figuring out the business. For the researcher, today, eating is business. So, in RAE May-June issue (v. 58, number 3) organizers focused on the eating business’ various aspects and chose to publish articles written by experts and people from international universities, thus stimulating discussions in business environments and entrepreneurship around the world.

Leela Riesz (Connecticut College, USA) writes about concerns of Moroccan and Pakistani Muslims related to keeping halal food practices which conflict with consumption and celebration of the Iberian ham in Spain. Over the past two decades Peru has seen a dramatic increase in the number of restaurants and in the recognition of the Peruvian cuisine, a phenomenon known as “gastronomy boom”, and Amy Lasater-Wille (New York University, USA) examines socialization practices in two cooking schools to find out the role cooking practices perform in people’s education in Peru. Alison Hope Alkon (University of the Pacific, USA) investigates the cultural politics of entrepreneurship aimed at opposing gentrification in Oakland, California. The Hawker Centre is an icon of contemporary Singapore and an essential element of its national identity, but it has undergone multiple reinventions. Its history is presented in Nicole Tarulevicz’s article (University of Tasmania, Australia). China has become the largest beer producer and consumer in the world and researchers Jeffrey Pilcher, Yu Wang and Yuebin Jackson Guo, from University of Toronto (Canada), tell us how a Western consumer good, originally marketed to colonial representatives, was gradually adopted by the urban Chinese as a symbol of modernity in the first half of the twentieth century. Patricia Silva Monteiro Boaventura, Carla Caires Abdalla, Cecilia Lobo Araújo and José Sarkis Arakelian (FGV EAESP, Brazil) discuss co-creation of value in the value chain of Brazilian specialty coffee. How can a product have its legitimacy recognized when the recognition process includes another legitimate product as a barrier? To answer this question, Marina Henriques Viotto, Bruno Sutil and Maria Carolina Zanette (FGV EAESP, Brazil) present how Brazilian premium cocoa and chocolate are building their legitimacy and facing the competition with Belgian chocolate in Brazil. Finally, Thomas Michael Hoag and Celso Funcia Lemme (UFRJ, Brazil) present a study on the industry of animal source food, where they address risks and opportunities arising from livestock wellbeing.

The new issue also includes the Essays “Cultural politics in culinary tourism with ethnic foods”, by Lucy M. Long, creator of the Center for Food and Culture (USA), and “Of porotos and beans”, by Carlos Alberto Dória from Faculdade das Américas (Brazil). In Perspectives, Richard Wilk (Indiana University, USA) addresses the problem of obesity in "Global junk: Who is to blame for the obesity epidemic?", and Ana Paula Bortoletto Martins (Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor, Brazil) presents “Obesity has to be treated as a public health issue”. Book reviews and recommendations complete this RAE special edition.

Read the full edition, click here.


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