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Managing and Leading Organizational Change (New Books)

27th July 2018

Thank you to BAM OTCD & LLD SIG members for the kind and collegiate offers of endorsements for the new textbook, which was greatly appreciated. The textbook (see link below) seeks to question what we know about managing and leading organizational change. Over the past decade, organizations have placed emphasis on leading change and developing change leaders. The textbook encourages students to appreciate managing and leading as more of a duality than an either/or dualism.

The textbook was informed by reviewing 35 years of leadership of organizational change and transformation literature. I commenced in 1978 with James McGregor Burns accusing leadership studies of suffering from a crisis of intellectual mediocrity, famously giving impetus to transformational leadership. The scholarly monograph (see link below) will be published in paperback in August.

I choose to do organizational change scholarship rather than organizational change research in the belief that theories and practices advance through a process of critically interpreting what is already known. In this spirit I have developed a blog featuring posts which question and provoke debate with regards to organizational change.

Dr. Mark Hughes (Brighton Business School)


Title: Managing and leading organizational change

Publisher: Routledge (published September 2018)



Title: The leadership of organizational change

Publisher: Routledge (paperback edition published August 2018)


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