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14th September 2018

14th September 2018

14th September 2018

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Tony Beasley Award Winner Announced at the BAM2018 Doctoral Symposium

14th September 2018

The British Academy of Management is pleased to announce that Doctoral student, Lubica Mueller, University of Leicester, has been presented with the Tony Beasley Award at the annual British Academy of Management Doctoral Symposium held at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England on Monday 3rd September 2018.

Lubica's paper entitled ‘Agencing processes in the Philippine coffee actor-network' describes the basic concept of her PhD research project that she is currently working on. When Lubica moved to the Philippines four years ago, she started to face poverty on a daily basis and she wondered whether and how these poor people could be helped. Then Lubica learned that Philippine coffee farmers belong to the poorest individuals in the country, primarily due to disadvantageous work relations in the supply chains of multinational corporations. Coffee farmers earn very little and lack technologies and capabilities; thus, their options to improve their socioeconomic situation are very limited. However, some coffee farming communities have recently started to work more closely with social entrepreneurs, development practitioners, government offices, technologies, fair trade certifications and other actors in order to develop their capabilities and to create new ways of engaging in coffee agribusiness. Through ethnography, Lubica is exploring how farmers develop their capabilities through connections and interactions with other actors in their actor-network as a way to overcome poverty. More specifically, her focus is on farmers' interactions with these actors, their responses to the capacitating strategies and the tensions they experience in their actor-network.

The Tony Beasley Doctoral Award is made in memory of former doctoral student Tony Beasley who served on the Council of the British Academy of Management. The award is designed to recognise outstanding doctoral research in the form of a high quality academic paper presented to the annual BAM conference.

We would also like to thank the European Management Journal who kindly sponsored the Tony Beasley Award this year.


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