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Forthcoming Book; "Women Entrepreneurs and Strategic Decisions Making in the Global Economy"

26th October 2018

Forthcoming Book, Projected Release Date: January 2019
'Women Entrepreneurs and Strategic Decision Making in the Global Economy', Editors:FTomos. , NKumar, NClifton and DHyams-Ssekasi.

Reasons for recommending this book:

This book is of value for a wide range of prospective readers, professionals and practicians, as follows: academics in Higher Education Institutions, gender and entrepreneurial researchers, women and men entrepreneurs, small businesses, policy makers, governments across the Globe, non-governmental/non-profit organisations, ministerial departments, local governments, women associations, young and older women who wish to enter the business field, financial institutions and banks, business networks, politicians, business consultants and IT professionals. The book raises awareness of the essential role women entrepreneurs play in the national and global economies, and despite strategies, they employ in view to cope with inequalities, the book highlights concerns regarding the barriers they encounter because of culture, religion, financial, social and gender discrimination.

Besides the challenges along women’s entrepreneurial journey, the book depicts also the importance of ICTs and new emerging technologies for women entrepreneurs and their impact on entrepreneurial success, the role of human capital for performance, and the need for an adequate balance between work and family life. The authors emphasised the essentiality of entrepreneurial learning for women entrepreneurs and the role of education in the process of business start-up and development. Finally, the book related the struggle that women entrepreneurs face in obtaining finances and micro-credit and the benefit of the programmes initiated by Governments to help both women who wish to start a business and women entrepreneurs.

The book comprises fifteen chapters that grouped into four sections: section 1 is entitled ‘Women Entrepreneurs, Culture and Gender in the Global Context’; section 2 is entitled ‘Women Entrepreneurs and Strategic Decisions’; section 3 is ‘Research and Entrepreneurial Learning’ and section 4 focuses on ‘Women Entrepreneurs and Finances’. The book is the result of a comprehensive work carried by 32 authors and co-authors from twenty universities across the Globe and regards research conducted in twelve countries across the Globe: India, Malaysia, Pakistan, England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Bosnia Herzegovina and Turkey.

Inequalities, gender, identity, culture, institutional and country context, women entrepreneurs’ complexities, women socio-cultural profiles in developing countries, women entrepreneurs in patriarchal societies, work life balance, leadership and motivational factors for women entrepreneurs, intellectual capital, digital business models, new emerging technologies and impact on women entrepreneurs’ success, entrepreneurial learning, internal success, women entrepreneurs and their multiple roles and responsibilities.

Posted by Florica Tomos - 
University of South Wales

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