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14th November 2018

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British Academy of Management Response to 2018 Autumn Budget

2nd November 2018


Response of British Academy of Management (BAM) to the 2018 Autumn Budget

The Chancellor’s 2018 Autumn Statement included an encouraging recognition not only of the need to improve management capability in the UK, but also to include business and management schools in this process. Greater investment in business and management research will help our community be able to translate its powerful insights and knowledge into real improvement in the productivity of UK businesses over time.

We particularly welcome the government’s commitment to invest up to £25 million in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme to help ‘boost business productivity.’ Professor Sir Cary Cooper, President of the British Academy of Management, notes that it is:

‘Good to see in the Budget funds to help develop a closer relationship between university research from Business Schools and other departments and business itself through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership in creating new businesses, products and services in this digital age.’

The Chancellor’s budget also confirms the previous commitments to support local peer-to-peer networks aimed at business improvement, development, and skills, and establish a Small Business Leadership Programme. We welcome this focus on the development of management capability across the UK regions. However, we also take this opportunity to emphasize the need for such programmes – as they are established – to be developed and implemented in true partnership with business and management schools. Bringing the business and management research and education community into the conversation on such initiatives from conception, to implementation and eventual evaluation, is the best way to ensure that they are rooted in rigorous and robust knowledge for action, and are delivered effectively. We encourage the government to continue to engage with us, the Chartered Association of Business Schools, and our community of scholars, as they develop programmes and policy interventions to improve productivity across the UK business landscape.

2nd November 2018


The British Academy of Management is the leading community for management scholars. It has around 2000 members, both in the UK and internationally, who organize themselves into more than 21 Special Interest Groups and networks, and it runs a major academic conference each year. It also has a Fellows College through which the leading members of the BAM community receive recognition and can contribute their expertise to activities in support of the wider management scholarship and research community. It publishes two leading and highly ranked academic journals in the field: British Journal of Management and International Journal of Management Reviews.


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