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30th November 2018

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Call for Nominations: Second Responsible Research in Management Award

8th November 2018

Dear BAM colleagues,

In the last few years, have you read a really exciting empirical research paper or book on firm practices that can benefit employees, customers, society or the natural environment—beyond a healthy return to shareholder value? We invite you to nominate this work for the Responsible Research in Management Award.

Through this award, we aim to identify exemplars of research studies that are building or have the potential to build strong links between practice and academia toward creating better outcomes for all of society.

Please go to or for details of nomination criteria and nomination procedure. The deadline is November 24.

A few minutes of your time in sending a nomination will contribute to a rich database of responsible research publications while honoring those who have contributed to this research.

We look forward to your nominations!

Anne S. Tsui
Co-founder, RRBM and Founding President, IACMR

Neng Liang
8th President, IACMR

Carys Chan, Eryue Teng & Siyu Yu
Research Assistants, IACMR/RRBM awards

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