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30th November 2018

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Aspiring writers: Writing competition and writers workshop

30th November 2018

The ‘green stories’ writing competitions ask writers to check out sustainable solutions on the website and integrate them into their story.

Research from Dr Baden at the University of Southampton shows that solution based stories, or stories that smuggle in green ideas/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story are more likely to inspire greener behaviours than catastrophic tales of climate change. So as a way to raise awareness, we ask writers to check out potentially transformative solutions on the website and integrate them into their story.

BAM is sponsoring £500 of prizes for a radio play or series that touches upon green issues (deadline July 2019). There is also a novel competition sponsored by UNPRME UK (deadline August 2019) and a playwriting competition (deadline June 2019). All are free to enter with prizes (including student categories) and routes to production/publication set up.

There is also a writers workshop on 19/20 January 2019 hosted by two of the judges to generate ideas – see

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