APM North West Research Symposium – 11 June 2019


This is the third NW Branch ‘research symposium’ that is part of our drive to break down the misconceptions and barriers between Project Management researchers and practitioners.  Our intention is to open discussions between researchers looking for useful topics to research and practitioners facing real issues in the workplace, who could be helped by some applied research. There will also be a showcase of successful exemplars of academia-practice interaction and an introduction to the development of the new edition of the APM Body of Knowledge in a field rife with tensions between research and practice.  This interactive event will include a number of short presentations by researchers and practitioners followed by a panel discussion. The evening will be hosted by Lancaster University Management School and will mark the re-launch of the National Centre for Project Management (NCPM) at Lancaster University.  For more information or to sign up please visit: https://www.apm.org.uk/event/apm-north-west-research-symposium/

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