Are you interested in hosting a future BAM Conference?

BAM2011 at Aston was one of our most popular conferences to date, with 693 delegates and 105 Doctoral Symposium participants. Your institution could make a major contribution to this key event in the academic calendar!

The number of venues expressing an interest in hosting the BAM annual conference has increased with the continued success of the event. To ensure fairness and transparency BAM has implemented a formal tendering process. This process will be overseen by the Membership Services and Conferences sub committee who will present recommended venues to BAM Executive and/or Council for ratification.

Any interested institutions or venues should normally submit an ‘expression of interest’ at least by the end of October two years before the conference (e.g. by October 2011 for the 2013 conference, and by October 2012 to host BAM in 2014).

To facilitate longer term planning, we are currently inviting expressions of interest for BAM2013 as well as BAM2014 until 31 October 2011. Full proposals should be submitted by 30th November 2011, and should include:

  • Outline of venue for the conference including potential venues for the conference dinner
  • Likely co-chair (with BAM president) and points of contacts for the conference
  • Outline costs for holding the conference (including room hire, audio-visual and IT, and catering costs)
  • Outline of the range of local hotel and student accommodation available and price range
  • Accessibility to and around the venue (preference is given to venues that are readily accessible by public transport from the UK and overseas)
  • Possible themes for the conference
  • Any contributions to be made from the institution (financial or in kind)
  • Outline of a risk management plan
  • Existing and likely future support of BAM's activities from BAM members at the institution
  • When (in September) you hope to host the conference. If either 2013 or 2014 are equally feasible please indicate this.

Shortlisted venues will be visited by a selection panel from BAM and decisions made early in 2012 for BAM 2013. The decision about BAM 2014 may be made later in 2012.

Further details of the process and criteria can be found in the document:
 Hosting the BAM Annual Conference.

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