BAM 2012 Annual General Meeting

The BAM Annual General Meeting will be taking place at the BAM2012 Conference in the Council Chamber of Cardif City Hall from 13:10 - 14:00 on Thursday 13th September.

The details are included on the Agenda which can be accessed by following this link:


The past year has been eventful and successful for BAM and we are preparing to face new challenges and opportunities. It is important that our members are engaged with the implementation of our strategy and in areas such as the open access publication debate, new teaching and learning capacity building opportunities, and the unfolding REF picture.

BAM members are invited to come along, give your Council and Executive your views and prepare to join us in shaping BAM’s future successes.

On that note, I wish you a highly enjoyable Conference and look forward to meeting you soon.

With best wishes,

Jacky Holloway
BAM Chair 2012

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