BAM MKE Paper Series

The BAM MKE Committee ran a  webinar series organised for BAM members who found themselves faced with the prospect of changing their mode of teaching and would like to either know where to start or to simply pick up some tips as to how to design and implement teaching in these new modes. Our focus will be on how to engage students by creating learning environments and assessments that are enabled and enhanced by the use of technology and blended models. The webinars lookied at the implications for future developments, prompted by the 'emergency' move online but not seeing this as a deficit model but as an opportunity to re-imagine and revolutionise learning and teaching in the management 'classroom'. You can find papers linked to some of the sessions below:

Session 1 Delivering Teaching in Multiple Modes

Session 2: Exploring Assessment Issues in a Virtual Environment

Session 3:  Developing Digital Content for Hybrid Teaching and Learning

Session 4:  Transitioning between Modes – from Campus to Online and Back Again