Book announcement: "The Crest of the Innovation Management Research Wave"

The Crest of the Innovation Management Research Wave

by Marcus Tynnhammar (Ed.)

For the ninth year running, the ISPIM Dissertation Award has attracted a wealth of PhD dissertations from all over the globe, which have once again contributed significantly to the field of Innovation Management.
Comprising of submissions from the 2019 ISPIM Dissertation Award deemed to be of both high quality and high interest, The Crest of the Innovation Management Research Wave offers readers insights into the depth and breadth of research potential in the latest wave of innovation management.
This publication provides a window into what the latest generation of scholars are contributing to the innovation management field, as well as into what they find significant and what might become important for the field over time. The wide selection included in this book offers a strong insight into new and upcoming developments in innovation management, drawing attention to interesting empirical areas to research.
This edited volume will be of particular interest not only to students but also researchers and professional managers either interested or actively involved in cutting-edge research in the field of innovation management.   

ISBN: 9781622738601

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