British Library MBS Portal

On 14 October 2010, the British Library is launching a new free website called the Management and Business studies Portal that will provide access to a vast collection of digital and print material for UK management research and practice. The Portal has many handy features to save you time and help organise your work:

  • Find and download the latest management research reports, papers, summaries, articles and other material instantly, 24-7.
  • Keep up to date with new material in your subject area, with alerts tailored to your subject interests.
  • Discover books, journal articles, reports, websites, datasets, sound recordings, videos and other sources relevant to your search with one click of a button.

Visit the MBS Portal from 14 October to register to immediately use the Portal - it’s quick, easy and free.

Sally Halper of the British Library sends her sincerest apologies to all those wishing to attend the Portal presentation at the BAM2010 Conference, however due to a berevment she had to cancel last minute. The slides for the presentaion can be found by clicking here.



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