Call for Papers for the BAM MKE Conference - 'Teaching and Learning for Impact'


The BAM Management, Knowledge and Education conference is returning for a second year. The one-day conference will bring together the business and management school community to focus on the practice of ‘teaching and learning for impact’.

The conference is an opportunity to share your practice, support creativity and innovation, and continue to grow a supportive community for those engaged in management education.


Focus on Impact
We aim to celebrate the value of teaching and learning in management education for students, staff, business, and wider society.
Impact can be understood in different ways – for individuals, disciplines, and institutions. This conference is an opportunity to explore short-term impact, in terms of skills and employability, and also long-term impact, in terms of careers, value systems, business models, and global challenges like sustainability.

Share your practice
This conference is designed to be interactive and supportive. We invite attendees to share their experiences of how everyday practices of teaching in HEIs contribute to the lives of their students and colleagues (see submission details below). Everyone involved in teaching and learning has something to share from their practice. The conference will be a supportive place to do this and learn from others.
We will be offering ‘market place’ tables for conversations around key emergent themes as ideas are submitted. There will also be opportunities for sensemaking, imagining what teaching might look like in the future, exploring the changing roles of teachers and students, and personal action-planning.
The intention is that a day full of learning and networking will support practitioners to grow one or more communities of practice. The vision is to meet needs for practice development across management education in a way that is inclusive, practical and highly engaging.


Paper Submission Details

Proposing a market place topic:

In submitting a topic you are indicating your willingness to share in a short presentation an aspect of your teaching practice for discussion at a market place table (up-to 10 participants at a table).

In no more than 500 words:
•    Your role, subject area and context for the practice
•    What is the practice? Why have you found it helpful?
•    How does the practice address the conference theme of ‘impact’?
•    Questions you wish to ask peers for advice and/or feedback
•    References or website links (if relevant)

 Submissions should be sent to  

Deadline for submissions - 5pm 26th April 2019