Call for papers - Decision-Making in International Marketing: Special issue call for papers from International Marketing Review

“Decision-Making in International Marketing”


Special issue call for papers from International Marketing Review


Submission are open between 1 June and 31 July 2020


The saturation of domestic markets and global hyper-competition have pressured many firms to expand into diverse international markets. Decision-making is a key driver of business success in the international environment (Nemkova et al., 2015). In this context, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making is critical to international marketing research theory and practice.  The international marketing literature has made notable progress regarding what are the key substantive international marketing decisions that drive international marketing success (e.g., degree of standardization/adaptation, foreign market entry modes, international resource investments). A parallel body of research within international marketing decision-making addresses the process of how decisions are made to derive optimal and/or satisficing performance outcomes (e.g., emergent versus deliberate international strategies, cognitive micro-foundations, use of heuristics). Therefore, this special issue invites papers that help push the boundaries of international marketing decision-making knowledge, in the contexts of substantive decisions made, and the process of decision-making.


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